Exactly what colocation can provide you?

uk colocation is a choice that is natural many companies. It provides the infrastructure that is same security as your data center, but minus the expenses and resources which can be otherwise required for maintenance, while still having complete control over your IT environment. Finding the right colocation uk service is usually the very best decisions your organization can make. cheap colocation can release investment budgets, raise your sustainability, and boost your cloud integration and access to important ecosystems. And best of all, no matter how large your organization is and what needs you have, we can always provide you with a fl exible and solution that is customized.
Why DigiPlex
We’re experts in data centers and have designed and built some of the most dependable and technically advanced data centers in Europe. We offer the highest level of protection and well-proven technology of this best quality, which, coupled with our innovative and energy-efficient solutions, proves that what exactly is green can be more cost-effective.
We are the only uk server colocation supplier with facilities in Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo. All our facilities are fully compliant with the applicable ISO standards for quality, information security, physical securit y, and environmental management.
Business Benefits
rackspace colocation is in most situations a good choice from a financial viewpoint, as possible both decrease your costs and convert expensive investment costs into predictable runn ing costs that fit your financial allowance.
You can expand the capacity of your infrastructure and take advantage of the excellent quality and expertise you get with our 1u colocation pricing services whether you are a small company, a major international player or a public company.
Supporting your cloud strategy
Implementing a cloud strategy can pose challenges with sometimes sensitive data that simply cannot be placed in the cloud. Lower data load in the data that are own, which must be continued for as long as servers remain, usually leads to decreased energy efficiency. Then migration to Rackspace colocation will not only offer sustainability advantages but also an answer towards the growing need for data security, accessibility, and connectivity. And, not least, you can free up capital if you shut down your own data center.
UK host Colocation with DigiPlex provides a practical and secure solution for your sensitive and painful data, that is additionally scalable, for the highest quality and directly linked to important public clouds and a whole ecosystem of potential partners. This way you also get a perfect enviro nment for your hybrid clouds.
Connectivity is vital
In an increasingly electronic and connected globe, connectivity and interaction performance is crucial and must work without dilemmas, wait or performance that is poor. Consequently, you must optimize interaction in the middle of your IT systems, p latforms, clouds and end-users.
Server Colocation with DigiPlex gives you just that, along with a distinctive direct connection across the Nordic countries. Our Nordic Connect platform provides a stable and scalable connection with a low delay between the three Scandinavian capitals and usage of our broad ecosystem of crucial vendors and partner data. These connections strengthen your competitiveness, increase consumer satisfaction and enable innovation.
Greener and better
Environmental aspects have become increasingly very important to culture and for businesses along with other organizations. Colocation can minmise the climate impact of your IT and your business. By making smartly chosen options, you’ll save yourself 30 percent on your electricity usage simply by going your current equipment to an energy-efficient colocation plant. By ensuring that your servers and data center’s infrastructure is powered by renewable electricity, you can significantly reduce your climate footprint. The DigiPlex data center has been operating with 100 percent renewable electricity since 2004.
Manage your information
Besides, DigiPlex colocation is perfect for data that have to remain in the country’s borders – whether you decide to create a private cloud solution or move your servers to a colocation facility in the country. With colocation, you always know where your data is stored and can take advantage of the benefits of sharing the costs with others while providing professional service delivery and protection. Our strict procedures ensure that only personnel and site visitors, as you authorized, have access to your equipment. Besides, the majority of our facilities provide reception staffed with security personnel around the clock.