Types of essential bags in your wardrobe

essential bags in your wardrobe

Tired of having bags and accessories in your wardrobe that you don’t wear? These are the types of bags essential in your wardrobe, do you have them?

The vast majority of women cram our wardrobe of clothes and accessories with an average use of seven times , incredible, right? And then it is time to dress up or make an outfit and you go crazy: “I have nothing to wear”, you will have bellowed more than once between mountains and mountains of clothes and accessories. We will tell you why this happens to you: you do not have a good wardrobe.

When we talk about wardrobe depth we refer to those basic and essentials that facilitate the choice of an outfit, that combine with everything. They may not be as attractive as fashion or new season presses and accessories, but they are practical and comfortable. They don’t go out of style and make life easier for us.

We see when it comes to accessories, what are the essential bags in your wardrobe .

5 types of essential bags in your wardrobe

Shopping bag

First of all, the shopping bag is one of the bags that can not miss in your wardrobe . When you need capacity, they are the best option.

The mini bags were rabidly topical in the spring-summer 2019 season . Imagine that your wardrobe was full of these accessories in which you cannot even store your mobile. Its purpose is purely aesthetic, and as we have pointed out many times on the Caminatta blog, it is a point to take into account, but not the most important when choosing.

Be smart, practical, look for bags that make your life easier.

essential bags in your wardrobe

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Essential colors

Brown, black and navy blue, whether we like it or not, are the colors that best combine with everything. To have accessories in these colors is to have bags that match everything .

A handbag with a Kilim print, in some fluorine color when they were actually in fashion, or hair … They can get your attention, you can like them, but remember, before choosing a simple model in one of these three colors, you will get more out of it.

To avoid compulsive shopping, we must stop to think with what we can combine the bag that we are going to buy. With the more garments we imagine, the better.

Evening bag or jewel

We should always have a more elegant bag for events or more formal occasions. Many times we buy jewel bags of different sizes, colors, shapes … And if you make a brief reflection, you will realize that in general we only give them one use and it is frequently for a wedding. Think, how many weddings do you have per year?

That is why we recommend you have a monochrome handbag and at most a jewel bag that easily fits with everything: gold or silver.

Ah! And no less important is knowing how to carry a handbag according to protocol .

essential bags in your wardrobe

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Shoulder strap

If you often carry too much weight in your bag, we recommend a shoulder bag model, as it is considered one of the best back bags .

We must look for our health and well-being, that is why we also recommend having a crossbody model that allows you to balance weight and carry it both on the shoulder and across the body, and intersperse postures and ways of wearing it. essential bags in your wardrobe