Data center design. Data center construction

A data processing center (DPC) is a complex that includes servers, switches, routers, uninterruptible power systems, structured cabling systems located in one or more specialized rooms or buildings. It is impossible to draw a clear boundary between the server room and the data center, but the main difference between a Server Colocation Uk and a server room is scale. In a server room, the number of servers is in the tens, and the number of racks is in units. In a data center, there are dozens of racks or cabinets. When the scale of the infrastructure reaches serious dimensions, there are completely different requirements for ensuring its functioning.

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When designing and building a data center, the following tasks are solved:
Infrastructure planning. Creation of a data center project plan, equipment placement schemes, cable routing schemes, and routes of other engineering systems. Calculation of the total power consumption. Calculation of the removed thermal power.
SCS design. Ensuring communication between all segments of the data center. Providing the required bandwidth. Compliance testing.
Preparation of the premises. Ensuring all the necessary fire safety standards. Connection of external sources of energy supply.
Provision of air conditioning systems. Cooling equipment located in the data center is very important. The total heat dissipation of equipment can reach 100 kW and more. To remove this amount of heat, powerful specialized air conditioning systems are required.
Design of uninterruptible power supply systems. Ensuring fault tolerance of power supply for all data center systems. Providing UPS redundancy and air conditioning systems.
Installation of server racks and cabinets. Installation of patch panels, the establishment of highways, power connection.
Installation of servers and other communication equipment.
Security systems design. Creation of video surveillance and access control systems.

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The complexity of data center design is that it is required to calculate and implement a number of dissimilar engineering solutions. To build each system, it is necessary to apply the knowledge of the corresponding highly qualified engineers, and then combine all communications into a single system.

That is why companies use the help of system integrators when building data centers. In principle, for each of the areas, you can hire a separate company, but at the same time, huge problems often arise due to the fact that a Server Colocation Uk  is not just a collection of individual components, but a system of deeply integrated systems. And when different companies are engaged in the development, there are many inconsistencies of one system with another. Subsequently, fixing such errors can result in money comparable to the cost of the data center itself.

Lan Key provides a full range of services for the construction of data centers. We are engaged in the installation of SCS, the construction of uninterruptible power systems, the design of network infrastructures, the supply of equipment, the creation of video surveillance and access control systems, as well as the creation of climate systems. We build ffxiv data centres based on solutions from HP, APC, IBM, Intel, EMC. Our organization is certified by the main suppliers of network equipment and software: Nexans, Molex, EuroLAN, Belconn and Exalan +, 3Com, Allied Telesis, APC (MGE), D-Link, Cisco, IBM, HP, and others. We build a data center as a single system, taking into account all the requirements of your IT infrastructure, as well as the specifics of your company’s business, take into account the possible growth of your company, and include certain scalability options in the project.

Our company has state licenses, and all work is performed in accordance with GOST and ISO standards.