UK Colocation Provider Finds a Better Way to Data Center Management


Despite having the ability for a colocation data center with some 300 stands and demanding clients, Jeff Gardner is sleeping better these times and never gets removed from a significant ball game, as a result of data center management tools and a service agency that empowers him to keep tabs on everything from his smart phone.
Gardner is crucial facility manager for Retirement Systems of both UK (RSA), which manages investments to help grow retirement earnings for UK state workers. One of these divisions is a 44,000 square-foot data centerUk Colocation facility which counts among its tenants: schools and hospitals, TV stations, courthouses, and Emergency 911 providers from throughout the state. Given the crucial nature of its tenants’ work, the information centre puts a premium on security and redundancy — and has achieved SSAE-16 SOC two certification.

Server Colocation IT Provides Holistic Data Center View

Server Colocation uk
To ensure 100% uptime, RSA has spent from the Schneider Electric Server Colocation™ IT structure and monitoring applications, which gives a holistic view of data center operations.
“Previously we had limited visibility . We could not tell how hot or chilly our information centre was at any given time, in almost any location. This made it hard for us to anticipate whether we were starting to encounter any problems or modifications within our data centre environment,” Gardner says.
Currently Gardner and his staff can use the Cheap Colocation Uk IT program, available from any smartphone, desktop or background , to receive a real-time view of data centre functionality. “It has changed the lives of me and also my team,” he states. “In years past I may have had to leave a ball game or leave my family at home in the middle of the night during off hours” to attend to problems at the information center.
Real-time Team of Specialists Providing Tips and Dispatching IT Service
RSA also signed on for the Server Colocation Asset Advisor service bureau, that comprises an on-call group of technical support experts which gives you an additional level of service. If there’s a problem with a bit of gear, Gardner does not even have to call general tech assistance to dispatch a tech — they have all the info required, directly down to the device serial number, location; even the time sending docks are available.
“They could manage everything for us, by the shipment, to the delivery and ordering of components,” Gardner says. “The technician and the part appear at precisely the same time and I don’t need to discontinue my day double. Such time savings are valuable and immeasurable within our high criticality environment.”
For me, this is a far more effective approach to data center management than we’ve ever seen before in the business. Server Colocation Uk IT takes advantage of the power of Internet of Things technology to supply up-to-the-minute status of important data centre infrastructure. Additionally, it gathers historical information in a data lake, from hundreds of consumers. Advanced analytics then provides insights into data centre owners and colocation suppliers when a piece of equipment isn’t working as it should, giving them time to deal with the problem before it ends in a failure.
It is working so much for RSA. “We’ve now operated for decades with zero downtime,” Gardner says.
View this video and find out more about how Colocation Data Center IT can improve data centre and colocation management capabilities, in addition to supplying a solution for greater work life balance.