Printed Dresses For Chubby Women: What is Myth and What is Truth?

Many people say that printed dresses for chubby women do not match, that certain prints cannot be used, while others disfavor the silhouette and some make it more elongated.

There is so much said that we are even a little confused, isn’t it? To get these doubts out of your head, we put together a list of what is true and what is myth in relation to printed dresses for chubby!

What’s Invention and What’s Not About Printed Dresses for Chubby Women.

1.Horizontal Stripes Make a Bigger Impression: Myth

This is one of the most talked about myths: that horizontal stripes leave you with a broader silhouette. This statement is a myth, although it has a little bit of truth.

It all depends on the width of the stripes of the dress you choose. Thinner stripes look better on women who have more curves and these can really give the impression of a wider width.

However, thicker stripes no longer have this effect. Therefore, you can wear printed sana safinaz sale dresses for chubby women with horizontal stripes without fear, just choose the best stripes, like those of this Plus Size Nery Dress .

2.You Need to Mark Your Waist: Myth

If you want to wear a printed dress for chubby women that is more waisted, that’s fine, but you also don’t have to wear looks like that every time.

So, use whatever you want and that makes you happy. If you tried on that looser dress and it looked perfect, wear it and rock it! Your look will not be harmed by this, as shown in this Plus Size Winter 2019 Dress .

3.You Should Only Wear Loose Dresses: Myth

In contrast to the previous myth, some people think that plus size women can only wear loose dresses, which do not mark any part of the body.

This is as big a myth as the previous one! You have beautiful curves, and nothing prevents you from showing them around in a tighter dress, just as you will also rock with leggings or skinny pants.

So, that dress that leaves your waist well marked can be used yes, without any fear or worry! This Plus Size Sport Chic Dress , for example, is very tight and wonderful.

4.Bigger Prints Draw Less Attention: Truth

Regardless of what the dress is and who is going to wear it: if the prints are smaller, it will draw more attention to your body.

This is not an issue that differentiates chubby women from thinner ones, since small prints attract more attention just because they are present in a larger number than larger prints.

Therefore, whether in a printed dress for chubby or not, bigger prints really help not give too much emphasis on the body, just because they are bigger, like those of this Plus Size Crock Dress . No crazy secrets or tricks.

5. Vibrant Colors Are Not Recommended: Myth

Have you heard that vibrant clothes are not recommended for plus size women? If so, this advice should go in one ear and out the other, because it is a myth of the greats.

There is nothing wrong with wearing a dress with a more striking or vibrant color. It won’t make you bigger or smaller, so forget about it once and for all. Just take a look at this ideas gul ahmed Plus Size Dress , for example.

The only suggestion is that you mix some accessories or items of other colors, so that the look is not tiring and boring with just one color. Other than that, there’s no problem wearing that pink, orange or yellow dress that may be in the bottom of your drawer.

6.The Little Black Dress Should Be Your Only Look: Myth

It was not even necessary to talk about this point, but it is good to make it very clear, in case anyone thinks differently: plus size women can wear clothes in the colors they want!

If you want to use white, blue, lilac, purple or whatever color you like on the tile, that’s fine, after all it is you who is in charge of your look, and not what fashion imposes.

There are people who think like that because it is said a lot that black helps to disguise some measures, which is really true, but even so you will not have a wardrobe all dark.

So don’t be afraid to wear printed dresses for chubby women, be they any color, because you will look beautiful just the same. Even so, it is clear that black does not need to leave the scene, as this Plus Size Brubs Dress makes very clear .

7.Plus Size Women Can’t Wear Printed Dresses: Myth

We already said, in item 2, that larger prints really emphasize less the silhouette of anyone who uses it, but you can (and should!) Wear printed dresses and clothes.

Nowadays, it is possible to find a printed dress for chubby that is more beautiful than the other, and you certainly don’t need to be left out of this one. Choose the patterns you want and use them whenever you want, as you will look great with them.

This Plus Size Dress Paula , for example, has a beautiful print and is even more beautiful due to the ruffled sleeves and tie at the waist.

8.Long dresses are not a good idea: Myth

Who said that plus size women can’t wear a long dress? Whoever it was, it is completely wrong.

Long dresses increase the silhouette and convey an incomparable charm and refinement, being able to be used in parties, social events and even at work.

If you have a wider bust, the best option is a dress with a V-neck, which will accentuate this region and make you even more powerful, like this Plus Size Roses Long Dress .

9. Chubby Girls Can Show Their Body: Truth


There is no reason to stop showing your beautiful curves around. You don’t need printed dresses for chubby women that cover their entire bodies and leave nothing on display except their hands and feet.

Value your curves and wear shorter and bolder dresses without fear of being happy. After all, no one deserves, especially on hotter days, to be trapped inside a long, warm dress, isn’t it?

The Plus Size Time Jeans Dress , from the photo above, is super modern made in jeans. It will definitely look beautiful on your body!

10.You Can Only Wear Dresses in Summer: Myth

The dress is a piece that refers to the heat and the summer, but that’s not why you can only use them this season! The dress is a very versatile piece that can be used to put on looks in all seasons.

For example, in the spring, which generally has a milder climate, nothing prevents you from wearing a slightly longer dress, just so you don’t get cold.

You can even wear a dress in winter! To do this, just complement the look with a pantyhose and a boot and you’re done: you’ll be beautiful and warm to face the days of this cold season. Look at this Plus Size Dress Maria Luisa , for example: perfect for that coldest day!

Wear Any Type of Printed Dress for Chubby!
The fashion is fleeting and changes almost every month. New things come to the fore, while what everyone wore last summer becomes a collector’s piece.

It doesn’t hurt to follow fashion trends, and it’s nice to have clothes that are making a splash on the catwalks, magazine covers and famous actresses, but no one is forced to follow these trends, you should only do this if you want to.

So, if you have a dress in your wardrobe that you are afraid to wear because your print was not used in the last São Paulo Fashion Week, never mind! Use what makes you feel good and makes you happy. After all, there is no more beautiful fashion than stamping a beautiful smile on your face and going out happy!

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with wearing the dress you want. Some tips make the choice easier, but don’t feel limited to put together your looks, do what your heart tells you.

Now that you know the truths and myths about printed dresses for chubby women, it will be much easier to know which model to choose without being afraid because of fashionable patterns or labels!