Long skirt: 4 model tips to put together your look

It is impossible to focus our eyes only on a long skirt model when the market offers countless options to build incredible and unique looks. In the past, you could only find simple models of evangelical skirts in stores, it was even sad, right?

Brands have begun to realize that we, Christian women, also want to demonstrate style and personality in the way we dress and that we are closely observing trends in the fashion universe.

Currently, we have evangelical fashion very present in Brazil, offering several versions of our favorite pieces. So, don’t just stick to the basics! Bet on skirts with different cuts, make combinations and transform your productions.

The long skirts , seen before only in evening events today sana safinaz sale dominates the female wardrobe. Both the most elegant models and the most stripped down .

Take a look at the options and learn how to use them in your day to day:

Long skirt with slit
Slit skirts are pure charm ! They can be common, like jeans, that the slit can completely change them.

But be careful with the length of the slit to maintain the decency of the look . Opt for skirts with the cut close to the knee to not get too short.khaadi sale

long slit skirt

Long Denim Skirt
The long denim skirt that was seen as a conventional and basic piece , today, is capable of being combined with a huge diversity of styles, from casual to social, as we have already said.

When it comes to jeans skirt, we should think about differences in washes, colors, models, cuts and applications. Slit, prints, stripes, animal print are some of the details that are part of the options in jeans. In addition to buttons, rhinestones and innovative seams.

long denim skirT

Long mermaid skirt
The mermaid skirt is pure elegance and delicacy  khaadi pret sale Its cut is super feminine, perfect for social or night events.

In casual it also fits well, but maybe not for everyday use. In daytime events, less glamorous, such as a children’s party, the mermaid version leaves the look quite charming .

Striped long skirt
The stripes are here to stay! The combinations of colors and thicknesses in long striped skirts are many, and it is very easy to create modern looks with them.

What’s more, this print can help harmonize your silhouette , depending only on direction. For example, vertical stripes give the feeling of a more elongated and slim body. The horizontal ones highlight the region in which they are placed, increasing visually.

long skirt print stripes

Long skirt: take your doubts and lose the fear of using it
How about a bonus? We separated for you some common doubts when it comes to how to use the long skirt, take a look:

Is there a rule for each body type?
Not! What counts is to try and use the model that you like most on your body. Choose the one that best suits your style and shine!

But if you want a basic strength to choose the ideal skirt , we help you: the high waistband to mark the waist, the wide skirt underneath, like evasé and a-line, to give a bigger volume for the hip and the tight skirt for the hip wide are some ideas.

Over the long skirt for short ones, a heel helps to lengthen the silhouette khaadi eid collection. For tall women who want to reduce their size, flat shoes are the solution.

long skirt rules

Which she to wear with long skirt?

Everyone, as long as you balance it with the weather, with the event and especially with your taste. Gone are the times when fine fabrics only combined with flat shoes and delicate shoes, betting on a boot in the look, for example, gives an incredible result!

Tennis or mule has the power to bring a stripped and modern look , while the heel is capable of presenting seriousness and class.

shoe with long skirt

How to choose the right fabric for specific occasions?

For day to day, prefer light or more robust fabrics , always watching how he wears to avoid discomfort.

Light fabrics can give you more comfort , but some do not have a good fit on the body or mark the lingerie.

The best option when the panties are marked is to have a letter on the sleeve to disguise. To know how to deal with the marks that the underwear leaves, take a look at our post on what to wear under the dress to not mark .

For parties or important events, invest in more noble, elegant and even striking materials, such as silk, velvet or leather. And remember: don’t be afraid to innovate! In blouses, play with fabrics, bet on sets. Dress shirts or blouses are also good options for these pieces.

long vichy skirt

After these tips it was easier to put together the looks, right?

Run to dig up the long skirt of the wardrobe and tell us about the experience. Share with friends and see the diversity of looks that will come out between you!