7 books you should read later this year!

Literature is a great field for the dissemination of ideas, which provides us with personal and spiritual growth.

A good book is able to develop a critical sense and offer many teachings, since we live experiences that are not really ours, but that serve as valuable lessons for life. Thus, reading makes us think about how we are living and teaches us to be more mature and more human in the face of situations. Knowledge makes us act wisely!

For this reason, we have prepared a list of the best books for you, they are suggestions of works capable of offering hope, faith and protection for the Christian woman : you will laugh, cry and learn a lot. Check out our tips!

Best Gospel Books Tips

Here is the list of the best gospel books for you, woman, to be enchanted:

Almeida Women’s Bible : Of course this would be in first place. It is a reading, study and devotional bible, which is very successful among women. In it, the study materials and comments are specifically aimed at the female audience, with subjects that are of interest to us.

It is contextualized to the reality of the female universe, bringing themes and answers through the Word . When something afflicts you, it is what you should turn to! The color and cover options are immense, so rang rasiya choose carefully what suits you best, as it will accompany you for a lifetime.blog post books biblida da mulher nishat linen online

Spare me !, by Nathalia Arcuri : Who said that a Christian woman cannot be financially independent? If you want to learn how to use your money better and manage your savings better, this book is for you! The author is nothing less than the creator of “Save me!”, The biggest finance channel on Youtube. Read this book wisely and put into practice what you learn from it. You will know how to save money even if you get little. It’s really worth it!

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Armored Wedding, by Cristiane Cardoso and Renato Cardoso : Marriage is like a treasure: a wealth that must be protected and very well taken care of. In Marriage Blindado, the couple Cristiane and Renato write about the values ​​of marriage and give guidance to couples who recognize these principles and wish to protect the marriage from a possible divorce. The couple specializes in advising other couples and have traveled to several countries to give lectures on the topic. And there’s more: they present the “Escola de Amor” program, shown weekly on the Record network. So, if you are married or plan to get married soon, invest in that reading rang rasiya lawn!

blog post books armored wedding

Gary Chapman’s 5 Languages ​​of Love: Have you ever felt like you can’t communicate properly with your husband? Have you ever felt that he doesn’t love you to the same degree that you love him? Gary Chapman explains that each person adheres to a language for giving and receiving love, and often the language of men is different from that of women. That is, you have your way of showing love and feeling loved.

Thinking about it, the author explains that there are five languages ​​of love, which are the ways in which people express and receive expressions of love: words of affirmation; quality time; gifts; acts of service and physical touch. This way, you will understand what yours is and what your husband’s is, so that they start to communicate better. It is an incredible book to improve the relationship of couples.

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The morning miracle, by Hal Elrod : The author shows, in “The miracle of tomorrow, a simple and effective method to achieve the life of dreams. Elrod explains the benefits of waking up before 8 am and teaches how to develop our potential from a change in habits, which provides improvements in health, relationships, finances, spirituality and to have a much happier life. It is currently one of the best-selling books on personal transformation . It’s really worth it!

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Marie Kondo- The magic of tidiness : This book is for the woman who loves to keep the house organized. The author, Marie Kondo, specializes in organization and addresses an innovative way to end the mess, and because of that, she has become a celebrity worldwide. The technique is based on the person’s feelings about the object, not just whether it is useful or not. After that book, your life will never be the same!

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Intelligent women, healthy relationships, by Augusto Cury : The author brings, in this book, an analysis of women: emotions, desires, fears. Thus, Cury identifies fourteen types of women, such as controlling, impulsive, dependent, etc., and raises the positive and negative points of each one. The book shows that each woman has the power to transform and regain self-esteem and addresses themes present in the female universe, such as the search for standards of beauty and overwork.

Reading is totally valid for all women (and also for men), as it reveals the laws of healthy relationships, providing an analysis of thoughts and emotions that contributes to changing behavior, especially self-destructive attitudes.