Long skirts match which types of blouses

In the past there were several limitations to wearing long skirts , we saw the piece formally and left it molding in the wardrobe, waiting for a special occasion to make that perfect look.

Today the situation has changed!

The model is timeless and is on the rise for both formal and casual occasions. In addition, there are many skirt and blouse sets , either ready-made, or that can be assembled, to use in all seasons.

Now that you know you can wear the long skirt anywhere, it’s time to check out the amazing combination tips we’ve prepared. It’s easier than you think. Take a look!

Bet on cotton blouses for a stripped look

If you have a stripped-down style and love long skirts, we have good news: it is possible to create different looks with it!

Combining a cotton garment with long denim skirts , for example, pret wear or other lightweight fabrics, will bring more informality to the look , making the outfit perfect for day to day or for simpler situations – and no matter the time.

Everyone loves a cotton blouse to wear everyday, don’t they? The t-shirt is an option that takes a lot of casualty to the production . With the skirt, you can wear it loose or tight.

The question, usually, is: how to make the “right” combinations? We help you, see!

cotton blouse skirt

Fair modeling
There are women who prefer those blouses that shape the body . This is not a problem, as long as it is not a type of part that we say is “vacuum” … Run away from those, by the way!

The cool thing for t-shirts is to put them inside! Do you know the body effect ? When we use the tights on top, the thick skirt is below, causing an awkward impression to the look.

However, you can also use it on the outside – right, of course. If the skirt is loose and made of light fabric, wearing the tight T-shirt on the outside is very beautiful. Just avoid choosing a model that is too long, okay?

Because, think with me, you put on a long loose skirt, all flowing, and a blouse over it, glued to the beginning of the leg, which holds and hides the gracefulness of the piece . (can you imagine?). In addition to leaving your body with a strange mold, the skirt will lose all beauty.

The tip to use inside will save you from those little problems that sometimes go unnoticed. Take care only when choosing a tight skirt. In this case, the wide shirt has a better fit.

tight blouse skirt

Loose modeling
The loose and relaxed t-shirts are totally free with the long skirt! The interesting thing about it is that it is more versatile .

As we said, it can be used on the outside of the waistband, on the inside, with the front part inside and the back loose, anyway. There are several possibilities !

Pay attention only to the finest clothes that can mark and destroy the modeling of the skirt .

If you want, bet on a little one in the front. It is very charming and modern .

loose blouse skirt

Combine Long skirt and shirt for a more serious and social look

Women’s social shirts or blouses convey an executive look. Therefore, joining these pieces with the long skirt will leave the combination super feminine , without taking away the social aspect of the outfit.

Did you also think about fine and expensive fabrics when you heard about social clothes? Before, jeans were seen as casual. Nowadays, we find a huge variety of models with long evangelical jeans skirts that are out of this pattern, giving us a sea of possibilities to match .

Jeans have shown, increasingly, to be the big wildcard in women’s wardrobe, containing from simple cuts to the most elaborate .

But it is obvious that we should not give up sophisticated fabrics, especially on special occasions.

The combinations that can be made do not end! How about some examples?

The mermaid skirt is an option that has a social touch to it. It follows a tight modeling up to the knee and opens in the syrup.

The piece in fine fabrics or own jeans, is able to assemble perfect looks with shirts or blouses social , taking seriously and a lot of elegance to the production .

Another alternative that looks beautiful in a serious look is the slotted model. The cut oozes charm , either on the side or in the front.
But pay attention to the height of the cut. Standing above the knee is ideal for an elegant and well-behaved look .I don’t know about you, but we love stripes! The print is versatile and if combined with the social, it leaves the look totally modern and stylish!

Both thin and thick stripes look great with an executive look. Neutral colors are easier to combine, such as black, white and gray. However, there is no rule. Closed tones look great too!

Verticals are preferred by women because they lengthen the silhouette . The diagonals give a more up-to-date tone to the piece, and the horizontal ones are interesting at strategic points, as they increase the proportion . That is, if you want to leave your shoulders or hips wide, invest in horizontal lines only in that area. Understood?

Long skirts with cropped: how to use the most beloved combination

More and more women are adhering to this composition. And it is not for nothing! The duo brings lightness, femininity and a lot of style to the look.

And there’s no mistake to use, just choose a cropped one and throw yourself in long skirts .

You will see that there is no shortage of models of this blouse: it has crochet, linen, wide options, tights, tank tops, with sleeves.

However, remember, as evangelical women, we must be careful about the decency of our clothes because we understand our value in Christ.

skirt with cropped

Tip 1: bet on high-waisted skirts
This model is not only used to mark the belt! The high waistband also helps when harmonizing the cropped with our premises, as it covers most of the belly.

cos wide

Tip 2: note the size of the cropped
When choosing the skirt, pay attention to the length of the blouse. If she is slightly above the skirt and slightly below the bust, it will leave the modern look , without losing the elegance .