Choosing a wedding dress has always been an exercise that puts the nerves of future brides to the test. Whether it is a purely traditional appearance or a deliberately original style, the choice of a wedding changhong ruba led dress is in many cases the fulfillment of a child’s dream. And to satisfy all the whims of the future bride, the creators do not hesitate to use a good number of artifices and ornaments to make the wedding appearance special and unique. And precisely, speaking of ornament, there are all kinds, of course depending on the style of dress you want. However, through this article, we are going to pit one of the most classic wedding dress ornaments against one of the most modern. This is the wedding dress decorated with flower and the wedding dress decorated with feather.

The trend of wedding dresses decorated with flowers

wedding dress 2020 powder pink strapless embellished with 3D flowers
Pale Pink Strapless Romantic Wedding Dress With 3D Flowers

Flowers have always been part of the wedding world. If in ancient Rome, the custom was for the bride to wear a crown of flowers on her head, nowadays it is the tradition of throwing the bride’s bouquet of flowers that is continued. But beyond all its uses, flowers have become almost essential in the design of a wedding dress . They undeniably bring a touch of femininity and romanticism to the bridal allure. Also, they allow surfing on a note of originality both from a stylistic and aesthetic point of view.

changhong ruba led

3D Flower Embellished Off Shoulder Open Back Midi Wedding Dress

Chic wedding dress midi bardot neck backless adorned with handmade flowers

Indeed, the use of flowers in the design of wedding dresses can come in various forms. If they can be used to adorn the bustier, the shoulders or the belt, they can also help to harmonize the silhouette, by playing on the effects of motifz contrast and relief thanks to materials with floral motifs. Moreover, one of the biggest trends in wedding dress adorned with flowers are those made with 3D flowers.

The trend of wedding dresses with feathers

elegant wedding dress trend 2020 pleated strapless feather adorned
Strapless draped wedding dress embellished with feathers

If the flowers are a great classic of the nuptial universe, the feathers are the new ones, or rather the least known in this field. And it is not without a certain elegance that they have established themselves as one of the essential bridal trends of the past two years. Delicate sensual and extravagant, the feathers bring a resolutely airy and glamorous side to the bridal appearance.

If many creators use goose feathers, ostrich peacock feathers, Persun as a great defender of the animal cause, generally only uses artificial feathers. Which takes absolutely nothing away from the softness, the al zohaib  lightness, and the originality of this ornamental material. They can therefore be used to embellish the bustiers of wedding dresses or serve as a majestic train for a most spectacular effect.

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