An actual experience of immersion, self-knowledge and reflection on the meanings of life

Anybody who has ventured on the route guarantees that the location and its energy are unique.

The boys were taught to make avenues with almost no limitations and to conquer the entire world, we had been educated to… defeat them. For many decades, our script was defined by them. So today we share some transformative destinations . Places that provide true religious immersions, which are an invitation to associate with yourself and create your narrative take on fresh meaning. Come on? The Vatican is the seat of the Catholic Church and also among the most visited places by spiritual of that faith. But the Italian city-state enchants everybody for its grandeur, structure and the allure of this basilicas that exist there, like that of São Pedro. In traveling, we can plot our own routes. Escape the script, alter streets, locate new possibilities. Experience diversity, create plans and be amazed all of the time. Literally opening to the world. Change, develop, mature. As the Novos Baianos superbly explained:”I leave and I receive a little”.

I get home and see that a question mark shaped candle over the sink.

I suppose it was with this great wax doubt they staged to her at work. As if putting her era there was an offense. A kind of passive-aggressive instruction, I would say. India alone is already a nation that breathes religiosity and beliefs everywhere. Bodhgaya is one of the most sought after destinations in the area by Buddhists from around the world. But not only the followers of Buddha who like the auspicious climate of this place. Surely, visiting the location is among the attractions for those seeking a renewal of energy and soul to follow their path. As a result of the great length, about 800km, its paths are filled with challenges that benefit from the physical to the emotional. I then realize that being a woman is a large question mark. At least, that’s how they educated us. Doubting our capacity, our  mariab beauty, our effectiveness , our body, our self-sufficiency.

To put it differently, most importantly, to doubt us. And in this way, our desires were put aside.

Who are we, beyond the will of others, the expectations or judgments of others? What do we want to research, what roadmap do we want to outline? According to the story, there was the specific spot where Buddha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, reached its peak of spiritual enlightenment. Therefore, the decent fluids in the region are ideal for those looking for tranquility and tranquility to meditate. For instance: who’s never seen themselves in the mirror wondering if our garments are suitable? Attractive in dimension, without being vulgar. With personality, without being extravagant. Without trying to understand, first of all, what is our style. Also called the nishat linen online lost city of the Incas, the Peruvian city is one of the very mysterious destinations in South America. Its historical buildings, combined with breathtaking natural landscapes, set up the perfect atmosphere to catch good vibes.

Throwing my body (and soul) to the world Camino de Santiago de Compostela

The people who inhabited the region built their buildings with granite, as they thought this substance exerts a powerful positive energy. That is just another good reason to learn more about the area seeking maturity and great reflections and connections. It is not for nothing that people girls today dominate the therapy rooms. On this trip, every adventure is valid. There are people who fly to the sides of astrologyothers seek contortionism, yoga or, who knows, energetic alignment. And, why not, travel?