Is Yandex Connect Paid?

Hello, in this article , I will talk about how we can use Yandex mail with domain extension . Web site owners want to use mail with their own domains. Mail addresses such as or are not the mail addresses preferred by companies in terms of prestige today.

You bought a domain name and made a website. For example, my site domain name is and I want to use as an e-mail address. The first and most known way to do this is to create and use a mail account on hosting. However, the use of mail over hosting has many disadvantages. For this reason, mails can be used over these services by adding domains to Google or Yandex services. In the rest of our article, what are the disadvantages of using mail on the server? Why should Google or Yandex mail be preferred? How do these processes happen? I will try to answer them.

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1 What are the disadvantages of using mail on the server?

1.1 What can we do as a solution?

2 What is Yandex Connect?

2.1 Is Yandex Connect Paid?

2.1.1 Free Yandex Connect Basic Features

2.1.2 Paid Yandex Connect Advanced Features

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3.1 Creating a Yandex Mail Account

3.2 Logging In to Yandex Connect

4 Creating Corporate Mail Via Yandex Connect

4.1 Adding Yandex Connect Domain Name

4.2 Yandex Connect Domain Verification

4.2.1 Verification with Meta Tag

4.2.2 Verification with HTML file

4.3 Creating an MX Record

4.4 Opening an E-Mail Account

4.5 Yandex Mail Outlook Settings

What are the disadvantages of using mail on the server?

What is Hosting since we need to run our sites on a hosting? We mentioned it in our article. When we create mail through hosting;

When you want to change hosting in the future, you will lose access to old mails as your mails will also be transferred to the new server.

After the hosting change, you will have to re-open all mail accounts and reconfigure them on all devices. This situation can become a serious problem for companies using too many mail accounts.

You get too much spam mail.

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What can we do as a solution?

To avoid these problems, you can choose corporate Google mail or corporate Yandex mail accounts. Google charges a fee for this service. For this reason, Yandex mail is more common. In this article, we will talk about how to use corporate Yandex mail, Yandex Connect .

What is Yandex Connect?

Connect Yandex , Yandex corporate e-mail, Yandex Disk, Yandex Calendar is a service that incorporates a service that can be used for such work.

What is yandex connect

What is Yandex Connect?

Is Yandex Connect Paid?

Yandex Connect service is available for free and paid use. Of course, the free version has limited features compared to the paid version as in all other software, but normally it can meet the expectations of an average company.

Free Yandex Connect Basic Features

1000 emails per user

Unlimited email space

10 GB Yandex Disk Space

POP3 / IMAP protocols

Paid Yandex Connect Advanced Features

Unlimited emails per user

Unlimited email space

No ads

1 TB Yandex Disk Space

Unlimited Wiki pages