5 steps on how to wash the party dress at home

Who doesn’t like a good celebration?

Especially those divine marriages! The problem is how to wash the wedding dress after the party. Food stains or dirt on the bar …

Many women rent clothes for this type of event , especially bridesmaids and mothers of the bride. But there are still those who like to buy and enjoy the look afterwards . And that’s where our washing problem comes in, we need to be careful not to ruin the dress.

Usually, the first option is the laundry . However, know that we can do this at home without much complication. Just pay attention to the instructions on the label . For that, we must be very careful that the piece asks.

Leave without washing or thinking! The smell of sweat, splash of drinks and smells of fat and sweets can attract moths and form even bigger stains. So, follow our step by step and leave your dress clean for the next event.

Step by step how to wash the party dress
Before you start, remember to always look at the dress instructions khaadi summer sale and to separate the soap that will be used. Prefer neutral soap or suitable for delicate clothes.

label specifications like washing party clothes

If the garment has a lot of sequins, embroidery and tulles, opt for a dry cleaning in the laundry room to avoid damaging the details . After these recommendations, check out the tips we have prepared for you!

1. Fill the tank with soap and water

It is not necessary to fill the whole tank, because this is just the step to remove the coarse dirt.

If the dress is long, it will surely have a dirty hem. If the focus of dirt is elsewhere, immerse the entire piece and rub it (always lightly) to get out the coarse.

If you have stains, using a soap to remove stains, rub the entire dress – gently – and let it soak for a few minutes.

Important tip: never wash only where it is dirty. In addition to attracting moths, as we have already said, it is normal to loosen some of the color. So we need to wash it thoroughly, so that the hue is uniform.

2. Change the soap and water and rub the entire dress
Change the water, add soap again and redo the previous step if it is still very dirty in some specific part. If not, already insert the piece in the water, rubbing it carefully so as not to damage the fibers of the fabric.

If you have a lining, try washing the separate pieces . Even if they are stuck together, try to rub one and then the other.

3. Time to rinse!
For the rinsing process, do not hesitate to rinse the water as many times as bonanza satrangi  necessary . The idea is for the water to come out as transparent as possible.

4. Never twist the dress!
To remove excess water, under no circumstances put it in the machine to beat, let alone the dryer! Both processes will damage the piece that you have washed with such care.

It is recommended to fold the dress as if it were going to be stored and press it to remove the remaining water.

evangelical fashion how to wash party clothes

5. Hang on a super clean hanger and dry
Choose a wide hanger that will not damage the fabric when drying.

The piece takes about 24 hours to dry . The more layers you have, the longer it will take. Be patient to keep it only when it is 100% dry .

evangelical fashion choose a wide hanger look party

Ready! 5 simple steps for you to wash your dress at home, very carefully and gently so as not to damage any detail of your party look .

But it is not over! We have other tricks to complete the procedure. Look:

Tips to keep the party dress clean
Tip 1: iron the dress
The best way to iron the dress is using the steam iron. The vertical is the choice easier , but the horizontal also does a good job. Pass With Care!

evangelical fashion ironing dresses with steam

Tip 2: Take more care of white dresses
A lot of attention if the dress is white. Dissolve the soap and fabric softener well to put the item in the water and be sure to rinse thoroughly. Drying should be done in the shade and preferably on the wrong side.

Tip 3: store in bags of TNT
When storing clothes, choose bags of TNT instead of plastic bags. Plastics generate moisture and develop mold. TNT, in turn, prevents the parts from fading or appearing dirty due to the light.

evangelical fashion choose tnt bags look party

Tip 4: take the pieces from time to time
The closed part creates moisture and can smell bad . As it is not a day-to-day clothing, it is necessary to take it off from time to time so as not to mold.

Tip 5: Store the dress inside out and on the hanger

Have you ever had that surprise of taking your dress out of the closet and having it pulled or with a different color than it was ? Well, keeping it upside down can prevent these setbacks.

Placing it on the hanger is even better, as it avoids unnecessary folds in the piece. And don’t forget to choose the ones with wide structure to avoid permanent creases.

What do you think? Are you ready to get your hands dirty? It is very simple and does not take so much time! With the necessary care and the right products , you will be able to wash your party dress by yourself.

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