How to combine children’s accessories with cold clothes?

combine children’s accessories with cold clothes

Adding a children’s accessory to the winter look helps to complement the look and ensure more protection for the little ones on cold days. Caps, scarves and gloves protect the extremities of the body against low temperatures and add style to the composition. But, after all, how to carry out these combinations accurately? In the article, you check out tricks that will help you! Why buy children’s accessories? The main function of winter accessories is to protect children from the harsh weather of that season, from snow, winds and rain.

They help to retain heat and prevent cold from entering.

After all, while these regions are unprotected, the body as a whole cannot keep warm, which can result in colds and even pneumonia. Now, just see which items cannot be missing from the little ones’ wardrobe to ensure complete protection: It is worth remembering that, while protecting, accessories add style, being important to give the composition more beauty and harmony. But, for this, it is essential to know how to make the combinations.

Check out some tips:

Create fun looks One of the great advantages of the children’s accessory is that it can make the look more fun, since it is a way to add colors and more prints to the composition. If your child is nishat linen dressed in neutral tones, like gray, black, white and beige, you can bet on any shade for the accessories. This is the time to color the look! The opposite also works: wear colorful clothes, but opt ​​for accessories in neutral tones. One tip is to use the same color in all accessories.

Buying a hat and glove kit , for example, can help! Regarding the prints, don’t be afraid to use them, because besides making the look lighter and more cheerful, the little ones love it. Don’t overdo the colors But, calm down! It is not only because children can use and abuse the fun looks, that the excess of colors does not weigh the look.

To make no mistake, use the color wheel to guide the combinations.

There are three ways to do this: monochromatic look: choose just one shade for all pieces, it can vary between lighter and darker shades; look with complementary colors: combine colors that are on the opposite side of the cycle, like garments in neutral tones with a blue scarf and orange gloves; look with similar tones: use neighboring colours to match the khaadi sale appearance of the tiny ones, sort of a jacket and blue pants with a shawl and inexperienced cap.