Midi dress: elegance and modernity for all occasions!

Have you noticed how midi dresses have invaded the female wardrobe?

And no wonder, the model is capable of adapting to any situation, giving an elegant, comfortable and modern touch to the look . Versatility is the ideal synonym for the piece!

For evangelical women, the model has one more advantage: the length, which is neither short nor long, perfect for maintaining Christian modesty. Whether to go to worship, to a conference, a walk with friends, to work, it doesn’t matter, there is a midi dress for each of these occasions, because the variety is so great!

So big, that it is sometimes difficult to know where to start choosing, which combination to make, which fabric and modeling to bet on. But, rest assured, in today’s post we will show you some of the various options of combinations like midi, to help you put together that perfect look for any situation. Let’s check it out?

The ideal midi dress for every occasion ..

Although versatile, the midi dress, like all the pieces, requires some care when it comes to putting together the look. By having a medium length, which is neither long nor short, if the correct combinations are not made, you run the risk of creating a too formal and inappropriate look for some occasions. Therefore, we bring valuable tips to help you!khaadi pret sale

– Fitted and straight midi dress

The midi model best suited to the body is the perfect piece for occasions that call for a touch of formality and sophistication. Work environment, congresses, meetings and church celebrations … For all of them, the fair and straight midi goes very well. Of course, the end result of production will depend on the items you add.

Since we are talking about a more formal look, the jump cannot be left out. Bet on a sandal or scarpin, a beautiful handbag and it’s ready: modern, sophisticated and fulfilling the Christian premises sana safinaz sale.

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– Twirled midi dress

The rotated midi is that special model, because it oozes femininity and delicacy . Because it is a more loose piece, it is ideal for more casual situations, such as a walk in the park, a date for a coffee with friends, anyway.

And to complement the look, nothing better than a comfortable sneaker or flat sandal and a transversal bag. Ah! For a church service or daytime event, rotated midi is also great!

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– Midi dress with stripes

The stripes are so fashionable that they deserve to be referenced separately. Of course, they couldn’t miss the darling dress of the moment. The stripe midi model is a democratic piece in the closet of most women. And you, Christian woman, cannot leave it out of yours either!

The piece brings an air of modernity, it is more stripped down. So it is perfect for casual occasions. Try combining it with sneakers and a denim shirt tied around your waist. Pure style, isn’t it?

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– Lace midi dress

The lacy midi is another one of those super feminine models , which transmit total delicacy. This one, to go to church, has no mistake, especially if you have a hose. The style is all romantic and at the same time elegant, without showing anything that the Christian woman does not want. Make a simple combination with a heel and accessories that harmonize with the tone of the dress. Because it is a more elaborate fabric, you don’t need so many props.

Choosing the ideal length for the midi dress

The midi dress is differentiated precisely by its length. But, this does not mean that all models follow the same size. There are those that are slightly below the knees and those that are in the middle of the shins.

Length is a factor that deserves attention when choosing. If you are tall and do not want to look taller yet, the tip is to opt for midi at the height of your shins. It will create a balance to the visual, making it more harmonious.

Now, if you’re short, stay away from the longer ones. The longer length makes the body look flat and does not create such a pleasant effect. Therefore, bet on models at the knee. And if you want to look taller, the jump is completely free!

Did you see? Everything is a matter of combining. By betting on the right complements, you can tune your midi to any day-to-day situation. To check out more content like this, follow the Via Evangélica blog , we have great tips to give you!