The disparity of bridesmaids dresses is one of the emerging trends on the wedding in recent years. If you decide to incorporate this idea into your wedding, remember, the biggest secret to the success of this practice remains with the organization of the bride. Bouquets, accessories and colors are all elements that will help you achieve a perfect appearance with your incompatible bridesmaids! Here are some ideas for you:

No.1 : Same color, but different styles

same color, different styles: bridesmaid dresses

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You can choose an exact khaadi eid collection color and even the fabric you want. On the other hand, give freedom to your bridesmaids as to the choice of style, who, too, need a particular style to highlight their silhouette! If you are lacking ideas for different styles, you can go and visit our bridesmaid dress category : boat neck strapless, spaghetti strap, ruffle dress, halter, etc. Full of styles are khaadi pret sale there to create a happy and beautiful wedding scene.

N ° 2: We stay on the same color, but in different shades.

idea for bridesmaid about the choice of dress
To have unified looks while having variations, we advise you to select a color such as green, red or blue. Very often, we will have a rather pleasant visual rendering.

N ° 3: One style, several colors!

bridesmaid dress: a style in several colors

Fall for the same style: Long strapless heart dress

This option allows you to choose a style that you really like, while also khaadi sale enriching the wedding palette! More flavors and sweet feelings are naturally added. Being the only one who dresses in white, you are actually imposing your image of a distinguished bride.

N ° 4: The dresses are the same, except the accessories!

4 orange dresses for bridesmaid with different necklace as accessory.
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Another nice and simple idea is to keep the same dress (style and color) for all your friends, but to differentiate them with accessories like necklaces, earrings, shoes, bouquets, etc. Let’s say you can have fun without khaadi eid collection limit of possibility!

# 5: freestyle


If you are sure of the fashion sense of the bridesmaids, let them choose their own dresses: styles, patterns, hues, neckline, length and fabric, etc. Of course you can tell them about your wedding themed preference. We believe this is the best way to have amazing photos. Hope you liked this article. Please feel free to tell us your personal thoughts on the disparity in bridesmaid dresses by leaving your comment!