Tricot Trend Winter 2020Check out the trends of Tricot Trend Winter 2020 with Donna Modelli’s tips!

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Knitting is a technique that spans the centuries and continues in the process of reinvention. Our grandmothers’ grandmother knitted clothes and shoes for their loved ones.

Today, knitting pieces occupy prominence on fashionistas’ catwalks and closets. Year in, year out, there is the knitting again. Find out now what are the knitting trends for autumn / winter 2020!

Fall / winter trends 2020
Before presenting the forms that knitting will take in fashion for the cold of  khaadi online 2020, how about getting to know some of the trends observed on catwalks and street fashion?nishat

Thus, you will know how to combine your warm piece with the highlights of the season.

What is knitting?

In the 9th century BC, the poet Homer told the story of the character Ulysses, in his saga back home after the Trojan War.

When Ulysses left for war, he left Penelope, his wife, in his homeland. It is said that the husband spent years without giving news of his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Penelope was courted by other men, but remained faithful to her husband. He said he would not be married until after he wove a shroud. Ulysses’s beloved, however, worked on the piece during the day and undid it at night.

Winter 2020 Tricot Trend: model with a maxi knit coat.SEE PROMOTIONS
The manual work performed by Penélope can be one of the most famous references to knitting, as it is one of the few techniques that allows the weave to be made and undone quickly.

Knitting is an art form! The special interweaving of threads (of wool or other textile fiber) by means of specific needles creates a unique fabric. It can be done manually or through machines.

Knitting x crochet: what’s the difference?

The two manual works are similar, but they are not the same technique. One of the primary differences is the needle used. In knitting, two or more needles are used. Crochet uses only one with a hook on the end.

In addition, crochet can be done with threads and string and is widely used in decorative pieces and crafts. Generally, the blouses, dresses and coats you find in stores are made of knitting and not crochet.

Knitting trends for winter 2020
Knitting is reinvented every season. Check out the list of what you’ll find in your favorite blogger’s stores and social networks:

Knitting sweater
The sweater is comfortable, warm and democratic. Men and women will find sweaters of their size, style and favorite color. The garment is characterized by being closed at the front and by long sleeves.

Cardigans are lightweight and versatile. Unlike sweaters, they are open at the front. Easy to store in the bag, they can be taken everywhere and make great overlays. The destroyed version, with open points that were designed to look destroyed, will be on the rise.

Tricot Trend Winter 2020: female cardigan.SEE PROMOTIONS
Puff sleeves
The fall / winter of 2020 will be marked by the glamor of the highlight of the shoulders with the puffed sleeves in blouses and coats. Therefore, they could not be left out of the knitting models!

Tricot Trend Winter 2020: model wearing a knit blouse with puffed sleeves.SEE PROMOTIONS
High collar
The high collar, brand of the 90s with the name of cacharrel or turtleneck, is back to warm our necks with a very retro touch. The charm is that, like the puffed sleeves, the collars will appear with even more volume.

Winter 2020 Tricot Trend: model with a braid knit blouse and button on the collar.SEE PROMOTIONS

Is it a coat or a dress?

The huge and bulky coats are a trend in the fall / winter fashion of 2020. Some are so big that they go through dresses.

Thick socks and boots are great allies to compose the look. It can be a coat or it can be worn. The important thing is that the knitting will warm you up in style!

Knitting and fake leather
Fake skins are also back for the cold days of 2020. In knitwear, fabrics that imitate animal fur will appear to give the final touch of comfort and luxury to the collars and cuffs of the coats.

Temperatures are already dropping. It’s time to start choosing the outfits you will be parading with during the fall and winter. How about receiving your pieces in the comfort of home and with the quality that only Donna Modelli offers? Discover our online store and fall in love with the knitting collection!