The overlap came back: the darling of the 90s comes with everything in the summer!

Overlapping was widely used in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Fashion is very cyclical, at all times it changes and seeks new inspirations. And the overlay is an It that comes with everything this season. In fact it has been winning our hearts for some seasons now. And in the heat season she appears more cheerful and super-fresh.

The new overlays have been composing another very cool trend, which are the pieces with front buttons in skirts or more fluid dresses, as in evasê or godê models.

And we at Via Evangélica could not be left out of this trend. So we separated beautiful models and tips for everyday inspirations, and rock the choice of look.

1. Overlap in stripped looks:
This trend certainly combines with more modern and casual looks, as it creates a casual and comfortable look, perfect for daily activities, such as work or leisure. The comfortable shoes here in this production go very well, such as: sneakers, slip on or casual sneakers.
how to use evangelical fashion overlay

2. Classic looks with overlap:
And for those who like or prefer more organized and classic looks, the overlap is also present in this style, with dresses in tube and floral styles in classic tones such as lavender and sky blue . These productions khaadi are perfect for church, sightseeing or work.

Combines with platform sandals or thicker heels.

how to use overlay looks classic blog

3. One last and not least overlapping tip:
So that you don’t get the impression that you have several clothes, and without any harmony. The idea is that the layer closest to the body is lighter, while the layers that are created in the look are heavier.

This will avoid unnecessary volumes, providing a much better fit.
he concept of dressing well has changed a lot, nowadays with the democratization of fashion khaadi summer sale, and the emphasis on sustainable fashion and comfort, has generated a lot of flexibility in the fashion world, the trends are there to keep me from lying.

At all times it is a trend, an “influencer” or fashionista who practically dictates what to wear. And in this madness that is the fashion market, finding clothes and a style that you feel good is essential.

1. Authentic and modern evangelical fashion:
Evangelical fashion is also drinking at the source of this madness, this segment has long since made a difference in the world of fashion. Many people have tried to dress more behaved and in style, so Christian women can be unconcerned about style and fashion trends, as Evangelical Fashion has been inspired a lot by the big fashion shows and renowned stylists.

Today’s post decided to bring inspiring tips, for the day to day and for the services of a Christian woman. We have separated some photos in our gallery for you to be inspired and enjoy a whole devastating and modern production.

how to dress well digital crest influencers

2. Looks for a daily production:

In the daily activities of the day we women want comfort, elegance and modernity all together in the same look. In this way, chic casual productions are the ones that most fall into this category, both for work looks and for leisure, get inspired.

digital influencers crest dress well1

3. Chic and modern looks for services:
And if you are a woman who does not give up a modern and very elegant production to be in the house of God, you also have inspiration. The skirts and dresses make up a super classic look. The modern touches are due to trends, such as: button skirts dressed in salopetes styles, with ruffles or lace.

For women who prefer pants, a social is a great choice, along with shirts or blazers.

digital crest influencers dress well

So, did you like the tips? I think it’s worth it to feel good about dressing up, take advantage of the tips and rock the next production. Don’t forget to share on your social networks.