How to carry the bag according to the protocol

The bag is the star accessory, capable of turning a look into a complete success or a real disaster. Not only because of the bag in question, but also because of the way you wear it. That is why it is convenient to know how to carry the bag according to protocol .

In the Caminatta blog we have talked about the correct ways to carry a bag so as not to damage your back and how to combine a bag , everything you should not do.

Today it is the turn of protocol, those standards of conduct and clothing that many do not understand and that others defend at all costs.

Whatever your intention is to follow the following rules of conduct, it is always a good idea to know how to carry a bag according to protocol.

Decalogue on how to carry the bag according to protocol

Large bags should be worn during the day and on informal occasions.

The small and handbags reserve for special occasions like a cocktail and evening wear.

The handbag must be held with the left hand in order to always have the right hand free when greeting, shaking hands or holding something.

The crossbody bag , which allows us to have both hands free, should only be used on informal occasions.

A bag can only be carried in front or behind the body when it comes to a backpack or on specific occasions, such as when you are in a place susceptible to being robbed.

In a restaurant the bag should never be left on the table or hanging from the chair. Instead use hangers, wardrobes, or pose on your knees.

A bag should never rest on the ground , whatever the circumstances.

Even if you have a favorite bag, do not use it every time. Each bag has its moment and its place; there is the perfect bag for every occasion .

A bag to go to work should be in dark and sober colors (black, beige, camel, etc.). It is preferable to carry it on the elbow or forearm. It gives a certain sophisticated, serious and elegant air.

At weddings, baptisms and communions, carry handbags, bonbonniere or clutch.

In the program of the 2, Teresa BarĂ³ gave some advice on the social use of the bag.

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Backpacks and document wallets

It is also important to have a more serious model, ideal for the job. If the backpack or document bag becomes part of your wardrobe, you will know perfectly, for example, how to dress for a job interview and you will also be right.

Some models also allow you to carry your laptop, but you can also use them to go on excursions or trips.

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Now that you know which ones with some of the clothes and basics that cannot be missing in your wardrobe , think twice before buying a bag; A good purchase is that purchase that is for life.