FOCUS Online shows where you can buy the cheapest

There is a large selection in discounters and supermarkets. But where are the most affordable foods? FOCUS Online shows where you can buy the cheapest.

Germany’s discounters are driving traditional supermarkets with constant low prices and new promotions or discounts. With a total of 55,000 branches, they are fighting for every customer – there are nowhere else in Europe like this .

In Germany, the four following retail giants now dominate the grocery business:

Edeka with the discount subsidiary Netto ,

Rewe with his discounter Penny ,

Lidl with Kaufland

and of course Aldi .

The combined market share currently amounts to approximately 85 percent.

There are also price traps at disc companies

Grocery stores fight a tough battle for every customer. Quality is important – and the price. But where is shopping really cheapest?

FOCUS online readers know: There are some price traps waiting at the discounter . This is also confirmed by the savings guides Kurt Meier and Uwe Glinka , who have been examining and checking FOCUS online discount products for years.

Buy cheap with the 4-point check:

Check 1: Food such as milk, pasta, coffee and Co.

Basic food – these are definitely the cheapest to get at the discounter. Or?

The check: The spare experts buy the seven basic foodstuffs


Butter and milk,

Flour and sugar,

Noodles and


at Lidl, Aldi, Penny, Norma, Edeka and Rewe. They are constantly choosing the cheapest product – and buying each product seven times.

The result: The products cost the same from all providers. The purchase costs exactly six euros and eight cents each . Food expert Matthias Queck explains why this is so: the retailers watch each other

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Check 2: Note own brands

Only pasta, water and flour? During family shopping, a lot more ends up in the shopping cart.

The check: In order to compare the own brands of supermarkets and discounters, the ARD testers put other products on the till: toast, margarine, cooked ham, butter biscuits, fish fingers and orange juice.

Again they take the cheapest items – and always use their own brand :

At Edeka it is “good and cheap”,

at Rewe “yes!”

Which own brands Lidl has, learn here ,

and which own brands are available from Aldi can be seen here .

The result: Again the prices of discounters and supermarkets are very close. Purchasing from Aldi, Lidl and Edeka each costs 12.59 euros. Rewe adds 20 cents: 12.79 euros. In the case of a mixed shopping basket with own brands, the price advantage of the discounters is only minimal . The reason: you have a much larger range of own brands . But supermarkets are also increasing their own-brand range – as an attractant in the fight against cheap suppliers.

In comparison: who is the best online supermarket?

Check 3: Compare branded products

A total of 10,000 branded products are lined up on the supermarket shelves. The selection at the discounters is much narrower: around 500 at Lidl, at Aldi there are just over 50 branded products.

The check: compare the testers

Nutella and


The result:

The nut nougat cream is only available from Lidl and Aldi in a large glass for 3.69 euros . At Rewe and Edeka, the smaller version costs 2.65 euros .

Coca Cola is only available as a 1.25 liter bottle on the shelves of the two discounters , for which they charge 89 cents . In the supermarkets there is a soft drink in a one liter bottle . Despite less content, it costs 99 cents .

There are also big brands at discounters – but in different portions and therefore at a different price than in the supermarket. The discounters often only carry the most common sizes, while the large supermarkets in particular have different container sizes. In case of doubt, they cost a little more.