Comprehensive data center security system

In modern conditions, an integrated security system should not only solve the main security problems – to provide protection against fire and protection from the penetration of strangers, but also contribute to an increase in labor discipline, and automate personnel records.
One of the most important components of a data center is a technical security system. Expensive equipment must be reliably protected from unauthorized entry, from fire. Datacenter service personnel must be protected from fire, unforeseen emergency situations. An integrated data center security system combines a video surveillance system (SVN), an access control system (ACS), a security alarm system (SOS), a voice warning system (SSS) about a fire and a fire alarm system (SPS) integrated with a gas system, or powder fire extinguishing (GPT).

ffxiv datacenter

To ensure the safety of the ffxiv data center split personnel, automatic light and sound fire alarm system are installed in the building, which, in the event of a fire and receiving information from the fire alarm system, will transmit sound signals using sirens installed in the building, and indicate emergency exits using light boards “Output”.
When designing and creating a fire alarm system, which is part of an integrated security system, equipment, and technologies of the NVP “BOLID” company is mainly used. Information from smoke and manual fire detectors go to the fire alarm control panel. The software installed in the alarm system organizes the automatic operation of the system in cases of smoke or fire in the rooms controlled by the security system.
In particular, when an alarm is received from any detector in the system, the fire alarm device issues a command to turn on the fire warning system, turn off the ventilation system and open the doors that are equipped with access control and management system. In case of receipt of alarm information from the fire extinguishing system, the fire alarm device will work out the same sequence of actions.

To control and record events on the territory of the ffxiv world status, the integrated security system uses the capabilities of the video surveillance system, which allows security personnel to exercise remote visual control over all areas of the facility, as well as record and store all video information. Digital video surveillance systems are the most effective security method. The automatic video surveillance system works equally effectively at any time of the day, registering all emergency situations. Data archiving is performed in folders indicating the date and time of recording. When viewing the video recording, the user gets a complete picture of the events taking place in the protected area.
There is one more important aspect of video monitoring – employees under continuous supervision begin to work much more efficiently.

An automatic fire extinguishing system is one of the most effective methods (methods) of emergency fire extinguishing. The automatic fire extinguishing system acts on the source of fire, at its very inception, thus it is possible to avoid the spread of fire and, accordingly, huge damage from the fire. As a fire extinguishing agent, the systems use carbon dioxide, inert gases, as well as various compositions of fluorinated hydrocarbons. The installation of automatic fire extinguishing allows you to secure and then prevent a fire at an early stage of fires.


Integrated security system functionality:
Fixation and notification of the security service about the occurrence of smoke or fire on the territory of the enterprise, indicating the address of the alarm room.
Automatic activation of the fire extinguishing system in places of fire.
Entrance door control.
Disabling the ventilation system when an alarm is received from fire detectors.
Sound notification of data center personnel about fire and indication of safe ways to evacuate them.
Round-the-clock video surveillance of the protected area with video recording on digital devices of the integrated security system.
Archiving of video recordings by data center premises with the possibility of frame-by-frame playback of alarm recordings, including by date, time of day, by the camera, etc.
Management of the access control and management system to regulate authorized entry/exit of data center employees and record the working time of each employee.