The Mog Log: Final Fantasy XIV 2.5 dungeons


I mentioned a while back it was kind of neat how the entire setup of ffxiv data centres had come full circle. It’s a fantastic counterpoint.
Having played all of the dungeons now, well, you get to save tonberries. That alone makes the previous set of dungeons worthy.
As in every group of dungeons, there are winners and losers amidst the directors, very good points and bad ones. Even the dungeons as a whole are extremely reluctant to let you perform much speeding through, with pulls being pretty harshly gated. So let’s talk mechanisms, let us talk air, and let us carefully coach you through the process of kicking the crap out of your ffxiv data center split pro blackjack competitors.

FFXIV Data Center
Once again, the new dungeon is linked to the storyline, although you do not have to do a lot of heavy lifting to get to this part. There are significant storyline revelations to be had, largely in the ending cutscene; you probably already know who the last boss is, but just to be on the safe side I’m blanking out the title.
Einhander: Now there’s a mention I would not have expected to see. (Can we get a digital PSN release with this one, while I am on it?)
Anyhow, Einhander’s many AoEs aren’t hard to prevent; the large issue to worry yourself are the fuel pods being dropped to the arena. When struck by one of his strikes, they burst. Auxiliary tanks produce a small explosion round them, main tanks struck everything on the arena, and of course the explosions of tanks will put off other tanks. Also worth considering is that till they are ignited, you can knock the auxiliary tanks away with harm, similar to the bombs at the conclusion of Brayflox’s Longstop (Difficult ).
The trick, then, is to get the tank take him near the border and have ranged characters stand at a straight line from any of the primary tanks. Assessing stuff away as necessary. His AoEs always target gamers, not tanks, so in the event that you can make sure that your ranged characters aren’t close to something dangerous or on a direct line between the boss and also these huge tanks, he is fairly straightforward. The boat will sometimes crosshair someone, fly to a random spot, and then fly in a straight line to (and beyond, if needed ) that person to make a lineup of fiery puddles. They hurt. Stay out of them, and if you’re targeted, try to aim the boss so that it covers as small of the stadium as possible. Keep cool and it’s not too hard; even in the event that you get trimmed by fire, a moderately competent healer can recuperate.
The last ascent: Worth noting is that the random gunship artillery strikes may be employed to damage the enemies you are fighting. If you’re so inclined, scoop all ’em up and bunch in hopes of letting Garlemald do the majority of your job.
ffxiv world status: Despite the brute force, the final boss isn’t your target for most of the struggle. He’s there, but most of the time you’ll be beating the two satellite dragons he resurrects. And dodging AoEs. Dodging numerous AoEs. It’s insane.
Aside from”dodge like crazy” (both dragons have the usual dragon tips, and the boss will lay out a few AoEs of their own), there are two big things to observe. To begin with, positioning. The very first dragon resurrected takes less harm if near the supervisor; the next takes less damage if far from the supervisor. Second, periodically among Einhander’s small satellite birds will appear carrying a defense device. Grab the add, click the shield device, and stand in the shield to avoid a huge AoE that will kill you differently (shades of Halatali [Tough ] there). It’s a slow struggle, but not a bad one.