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Pay less for worse quality clothes (cheap clothes that will soon be forgotten / discarded) or pay more for better ones (expensive clothes that will last a lifetime)? Who has never been through this dilemma? And how many of us did not regret it after the decision was made?

Yeah! Buying clothes should be an experience that goes beyond purely financial limitations. I mean, on the one hand, it is not because it is cheap that we have to buy. On the other hand, the high price of a piece is nowhere near a guarantee of quality.

When people know and buy consciously, the chances of regretting it later are minimal. So today’s post is about our empowerment through fashion. We can’t buy or dress to be unhappy. We need to feel good and choose expensive or cheap clothes that match our mood

Fast fashion and see now, buy now are two of the terms that best describe today’s fashion:

fast, urgent and, precisely for this reason, massive. In fact, hardly a fast fashion would have different characteristics.

Inspired by haute couture brands, major retail brands bet on mass production and, therefore, almost without identity – however, always current. Some stores launch more than one collection per month, while others, in general, the brands, launch one collection per season.

We all have the right to want to use a super-used model, which is the trend of the season, but if this model is not about our personal style and body type, no matter what the price, the purchase will not be worth it sobia nazir. And that goes for that piece that just left the SPFW catwalks or for the very similar one, which costs 80% less in any big department store.

Being branded or not does not guarantee that the piece will meet the needs of each woman.

The silver moccasin, for example, is a super hot item for some seasons. However, this need not be the choice of someone who does not identify with the metallic tones. To resist temptations, it takes a lot of self-knowledge and rising self-esteem.

What’s the secret, then? It’s simple: the secret is in the goal of each one when buying clothes. When people know each other and respect each other, no doubt, buying expensive or cheap clothes will make us happy.sobia nazir


The fast fashion collections are designed to serve a large number of people and offer fashionable pieces at very attractive prices. But often, the pieces do not have good materials and finishes.

To prevent you from paying dearly for something that looks long lasting, I have prepared some tips to help you identify good quality clothing:

• Always try on all the clothes you want to buy. Nobody should let themselves be shaken by the taster’s queues. The fit of the piece on each body is different, different from macaws and other women. Remember, body types vary a lot.
• With the garment on the body, check if all the seams are in place, if the neckline respects the neckline, if the opening of the pockets does not give the impression of a larger breeches, if any part is pulling etc.

• In front of the mirror, move, sit down, get up, simulate driving, dancing. A quality trim will remain unshaken in all positions.

• Examine the fabric : is it hot or fresh according to function? For example, a winter coat needs to protect from the cold. It won’t help much if he is just handsome.
• The lining, in blazers, jackets and some models of skirt or dress, indicates pieces of better quality.

• Assess the percentage of natural material (cotton, linen, silk, wool); the higher, the better the quality.

• Check the clothes against the light; the less transparent it is, the better the quality of the fabric.

• On the label, observe the washing instructions available. They say a lot about the quality of coloring / dyeing. Cheaper clothes usually lose their color after a few washes.

• Attention to the finish :

check if the internal seam is reinforced, if the buttons and applications are well sewn, if somewhere the seam is looser or there is some frayed part. If the piece is printed, see if the pattern of the drawings makes sense, if the print was equally divided at the seams.
The greater our self-knowledge , the more personalized and interesting our choices are, and therefore, the more correct our purchasing process is. When we know each other well, we know what we are going to “hold” in a look or not, which fits our style or not.

So, girls, the fact that the piece is expensive or cheap is less important than we normally suppose. I, for one, am super in favor of hi-lo , mixing cheap pieces with faces, mixing styles, for example, classics with casual…

Dressing well is a matter of opening your mind to possibilities.

Fashion should not be seen as a distant reality: neither for value nor for ‘impossible’ styles. How many times do we hear that catwalk fashion is impossible to use? Not quite.

What really counts is whether it matches our personal signature. This is empowerment . The entire buying process has less to do with the budget and more with our preferences! Right? Well, now just get dressed to be happy!