10 Frequently Asked Questions About Hosting Resellers

It is well known that the branch of creation, development and hosting of websites has grown. Every company needs a website to expose and publicize its products and services, and performing such a task amateurly is no longer an option.

Precisely for this reason, several companies and professionals have considered hosting websites as a branch to follow – and, because it represents a lower cost, reselling hosting has attracted many interested parties .

Much doubt if you have, however, about the resale of hosting. Therefore, we have gathered in this publication the top ten. Shall we go to them?

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1 – What is a hosting reseller?

It is a space hired by a company within a provider’s physical server. This server is resold to third parties, with the reseller acting as an intermediary. In other words, it’s as if the space sold to the public belongs to you. As much as customers know who the provider is, all the negotiation is done with your company.

2 – How does a hosting reseller work?

The server is owned by the provider, which offers several packages that serve a wide range of companies. The company that hires a physical server to resell to customers has the autonomy to set prices and create its own commercial and marketing strategy.

3 – What are the benefits of hosting resale?

In addition to being able to act as a hosting company, the profit is faster because the costs of maintaining hardware for the proper functioning of the servers are not your responsibility – although they are included in the provider’s monthly fee. Other benefits are the creation of a private label, which has the freedom to meet a specific customer profile, and the initial value of the investment – much lower, compared to that of a hosting company.

4 – How can I make money with hosting resale?

The reseller of hosting is designed for you to earn money without needing an exorbitant amount to invest. As the provider must be concerned with the quality of the server, you can direct your attention to the promotion and dissemination part , in addition to focusing on customer service – a differential that can even increase your earnings.

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5 – What is included in a hosting reseller package?

Disk space, bandwidth, domain, last control panel update (usually cPanel), account management varied according to your needs, possibility to create your own brand and independent from the provider, services offered to customers (such as e-mails, monitoring tools, scripts) and 24/7 support offered by the provider for premium customers.

6 – Will my clients know it’s me?

As already mentioned above, the possibility of creating a brand, with personalized advertising, banner and own logo, means that customers have a commercial relationship with you , and not with the server provider.

7 – Do I need to have a thorough knowledge about hosting?

No. All the technical part is up to the provider. Problems with connectivity, infrastructure, security, maintenance, among others, are the responsibility of the company that you contracted to supply the server.

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8 – Can I upgrade if my company grows?

Yes, but it is necessary to consider whether it is the moment. There are several different packages with the most diverse options, but the cost obviously rises and it is necessary to understand whether the demand requires any type of upgrade.

9 – How should I start?

Go back to question # 2. The secret is to find a quality provider, with a stable server, uninterrupted support and at a price that fits your budget. There is no point in developing good business strategies if the quality of the server is questionable. Look for references, customers who have hired the same type of server and reviews.

10 – How do I choose the best hosting company for my reseller?

Think of a company that offers plans with the following characteristics: simple to use control panel (preferably cPanel), at least one website builder, guaranteed 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime and managed services.

We hope this list of frequently asked questions will help clarify how the hosting reseller market works. And if your question has not yet been answered, be sure to speak with the Lodging Tips through the comments section!