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Who has never heard that wearing monochrome looks (whole ones in the same color) is monotonous? Well, we have already started here to unveil that word that is so big, but that is super easy: monochrome.

Yes, monochromatic looks are whole looks of the same color, or very close. Now you must be thinking that this can’t work, right? But believe me, it does!

You can create monochrome and stylish productions at the same time, you know? Therefore, I have separated some that will demystify this information.khaadi online

This combination is always very elegant, it stretches the silhouette too much, because there is no color break. The viewer who sees us, he reads us at once and not in parts. This is one of the powerful monochrome looks!

Meet some other very powerful monochrome looks, and learn how to use them, below.In addition to being the darling in the women’s wardrobe, the total black look is super stylish and disguises some unwanted nishat pounds. Therefore, the taller and thinner if they do not want to reinforce this sensation, they must have moderation when choosing this alternative!

It tota white l , the effect is exactly the reverse, so the lower and chubby not wishing to intensify this visual effect should avoid.

Don’t be afraid and also bet on a colorful monochrome look!

The most democratic are the monochromatic looks that abuse bright colors, such as yellow, orange , blue, pink and red. And you don’t have to limit yourself to an exact hue throughout the production! As long as it is part of the same color family, the shades of the pieces can – and should – vary!

But stay calm! If you do not want to take everything to the letter, there are some tricks to break the effect a little, without leaving the grace aside. A basic tip is to wear a blouse with a solid color and different from the rest.

Never forget the power of colors.

In monochromatic looks the chosen color will reflect strongly on you, so it is important that they are colors aligned with your personal coloring. Click here and read an article about personal coloring and enjoy the monochromatic looks to vary in your day-to-day!