One of the best ways to think about different looks is to keep up with what’s going on in fashion blogs.

So you can see what influencers are using and get inspired for their next purchases.

Currently, there are several content sites focused on the fashion universe. In this article, you’ll see some tips which are more interesting. Check out!

Which fashion blogs to follow?
There are so many options for fashion blogs that it is normal not to know which one to follow. Therefore, here you will find the main ones that deserve special attention.

1 – Beehive Fashion
In the Moda Colmeia blog , you have access to exclusive content about the main trends of the moment, new collections, as well as tips on how to become a reseller of the brand. It is worth keeping an eye on this news!

2 – Stupid girls
On the air since 2006, Garotas Estúpidas is the blog of fashion designer nishat. The site has a lot of interesting information, including trends, reviews about Fashion Week, Red Carpet and even how to use some of the looks of the famous.

In addition, GE produces content on beauty tips, technology, travel, gastronomy, wedding and decoration.

3 – Galocha Chata
Chata de Galocha does not have that name for nothing. The person responsible for him, Lú Ferreira, is a very careful person in his choices and, therefore, only indicates or shows to the public what he really approves of.

The blog is packed with amazing looks and lifestyle tips, including travel, services and more.

Considered one of the most well-known fashion portals in the country, Lalá Noleto’s blog is the ideal place to take fantastic ideas for everyday looks. The influencer specializes in creating different compositions by mixing sophisticated pieces with simpler ones.

Lalá Noleto has a style that varies between the stripped and the romantic. So it serves as inspiration for many women. You have no idea what to wear to go to an appointment or, even, which look to choose to work? This blog can help you.

5 – Glam4You
Glam4You is one of the fashion blogs most accessed by those who like to dress well. Author Nati Vozza has a more classic and sober style, but also shows bold and modern looks.

The blog is divided into fashion tips, diaries, looks of the day, travel and beauty. It is updated almost daily and always brings news to readers.