know how to use this trend!

Spring is one of the most charming seasons of the year!

At this time, several trends are returning with new textures, shapes and colors, such as puffed-sleeved blouses. So today we are going to show you how evangelical women can use this trend in an elegant and discreet way.

This is because, sometimes, there are some doubts about which wardrobe pieces match this trend. After all, the bulky part of the sleeve in conjunction with clothes that also have this modeling can have the opposite effect of what you want.

But rest assured, because this post was specially prepared to show you how simple it is to increase this trend in your day to day for different occasions. For sure you already have the fundamental pieces that match this style.

Now we will present some ideas and inspire you with all the elegance and sophistication that the puff sleeves bring mainly in the most flowery season of the year.frock design

For everyday life: puffed-sleeved blouses with skirt

Via Evangélica begins the tips with the classic puffed-sleeved blouses combined with skirts. This union of pieces is even more interesting when both have the same fabric, such as jeans.

Our tip is to use a blouse made of light blue color denim fabric, with a more discreet wash. Preferably, choose a strapped model, leaving the widest part for the sleeves.

To add more charm, opt for pieces with some details to raise the level of sophistication, such as rhinestones and pleats. That way, you can be very well dressed for various occasions of everyday life, after all, jeans never go out of style.

Practicality: combination with high waisted pants

Now, if you want a more discreet and practical look, you can opt for blouses or button shirts with puffed sleeves made of ribbed mesh .

That’s because this fabric is very light and comfortable, giving you more freedom in your movements. Thus, performing various activities of your day to day such as going to the supermarket and work is much more enjoyable.

As the ribbed knit blouses are usually adjusted to the body, you can choose to wear this piece with high-waisted pants to ensure a modern yet discreet look.

The good taste is the very definition of the combination blouse with puffed sleeve and pants. Take the opportunity to finish the look with sandals or sneakers.

For the night: the sophistication of long sleeves

Need an inspiration for the night? So this is the time! Here we are going to give you a hint on how to use the puffed mango on night occasions, which, of course, require a little more elegance and sophistication.

The clothing brand Cloá is a reference for comfortable and elegant blouses, because it produces all its pieces with soft fabrics and of the highest quality. In this case, you can choose a looser model, that is, without marking the body.

The charm of pieces of this style is due to the narrow handles. So, even though the whole piece is wide, this little detail totally transforms your look.

In addition, if you choose a blouse in the same style, but with a V-neckline, you will be able to give the impression of an even more elongated silhouette. Finally, you can finish composing the look with necklaces to add a touch of sophistication .

In the choice of pants, it is very recommended to use pants with modeling adjusted to the body, giving the contrast you need.

Special occasions: dress with puff sleeves
Have you ever gone through the moment of being invited to a formal occasion and did not know which look was the most suitable? Well now, know that the dress with a marked waist and skirt in the godê model is the wild card in these hours.

In this look, the romanticism is due to the puffing sleeves , which brings delicacy in the hours you want to impress with a look that refers to all the richness in details.

Finally, you can compose this look with sneakers with stones, low heels or even pumps. In addition, a bag is also a great accessory to finish the look with a lot of class.

Executive look: elegance in the right measure

If you are looking for an executive look inspiration, find the solution in the satin shirt with a touch of silk and trim that molds to the body. After all, this piece usually has front buttons, being very suitable for formal occasions.

In this case, as the occasion calls for more formality, you can harmonize the shirt with straight pants and looser modeling, such as tailoring pants , ensuring a perfect dress and still avoiding transparencies.

Tailoring pants in a flare model end up being the ideal bet to match the satin shirt and puffed sleeves. This set is sure to bring a presentation aligned with the seriousness you want to convey.

In the case of colors, it is worth combining beige with white, navy blue with violet and even coral with gray.

So, with these inspirations of looks with puffed sleeves, did you feel safer to khaadi sale  increase your wardrobe? Our goal in this post is to make you more confident and believe that yes, it is possible to use this trend without giving up discretion.

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