No matter how many we have, one more blouse is never too much, is it?

When it comes to putting together a look, it is important to consider whether it is suitable for the occasion, after all, people always notice how we are dressed. Thus, observing the colors, fabrics and patterns makes all the difference in the final result.

The blouses are fundamental pieces in the female wardrobe, because there is an ideal model for each occasion, which allows different combinations. It is for this versatility that they are one of the most used clothes: we use one, two, even three a day! No matter how many we have, one more blouse is never too much, is it?

With that in mind, we have separated some tips and trends for women’s blouses so that you are always in fashion and enjoy this piece so dear to us, women. Check out khaadi online!

Tips on how to choose the ideal blouse to fit your look

When choosing which blouse to wear, we must ask ourselves: how is the weather, cold or hot? Night or day? Am I going to a formal or more casual event? These questions are the key to getting the look right.

We have prepared some tips to help you choose the ideal piece for your occasions and we will show you a little of the fall / winter fashion trends Come on?rang rasiya

The turtleneck blouse is on the rise practically every winter.

In addition to adding elegance to the production , it is widely used for keeping the neck warm. High-neck blouses match any fabric and are therefore very versatile: you can assemble from a casual look to a look to go to work. If you want a more behaved and elegant look , therefore invest in the high collar!

Ties: The bow is another detail that goes well in any season, but this winter he came to make the blouses even more delicate and romantic. Bet on this trend!

Cropped: Cropped was already on the rise last winter and continues! Blouse models are a little shorter than the traditional ones, with a more modern cut. But that does not mean showing the belly rang rasiya. To make the look discreet , combine it with a high-waisted skirt. It looks beautiful!

Trendy colors: In contrast to the spring / summer seasons, autumn / winter usually requires darker colors for the warmest looks.

However, this is not a rule!
This winter, we have as tendentious colors: red and pink. Among the shades of pink, hot pink is the highlight of designers and fashionistas . In addition to these two colors, we have:

Classic colors: In addition to trends, it is worth betting on classic colors and pieces. A Laura Rosa burgundy blouse, for example, is a wildcard style in every wardrobe, especially in mid-season! In addition to this tone, colors like black, brown and gray are indispensable in our closet at this time of year. With these pieces you will always be in fashion!

blog post blouses winter vintage

blog post winter blouses laura rosa

Still on the classics, colors like sand and earth tones (caramel, suede, for example) are timeless trends , so it is worth betting on them. The tip is to use in combination with dark jeans.

Fabrics: Both autumn and winter ask for thicker fabrics to keep us warm.

blog post cardican winter blouses

Chess: chess, which was successful in the 70s, came back with everything! Plaid blouses are beautiful, but in addition to them, you can use the plaid on jackets, overcoats or skirts.

Velvet: Another fabric that is back in fashion is velvet. Although it is a thicker and heavier fabric, it can be combined with lighter pieces so that the look is not so hot for our winter, which is not so cold.

Leather: Original leather, fake leather, it doesn’t matter, both are trends for this winter! Leather blouses are beautiful and go great with a skirt! They are super stylish and elegant.

blog post blouses skirts trend winter leather

If you don’t find these fabrics in blouses , the tip is to use them in overlays, such as jackets and blazers, over a more basic blouse. The important thing is to always be in fashion!

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