Accessories that every woman deserves to have!

In today’s text, we separate some accessories that every woman deserves to have! However, we remember that, as we have several churches with some different rules, it is always important to respect each decision made.

We also know that women like to dress well, we just cannot lose the essence that God brings us in 1 Peter 3.3 and 4, that our beauty must be within us, having a docile and peaceful spirit. Have wisdom!

We have separated some tips of beautiful accessories that you can not fail to take a look! Check out!

Women carry so many things that it is impossible to leave the bag aside! And choosing the bag with your style is the first step. Maintaining elegance without losing your personality is very important.

A good tip for choosing your purse is the neutral one. If you are not a person with many bags, choose a neutral color that you like and combine with many pieces of clothing without worrying about wearing it for days at a time.

Another detail that we need to pay attention to is the size of the bag. Take into account what you usually carry, whether a small bag fits your belongings or whether a larger one is better khaadi eid collection. The important thing is that you feel good about it and serve the purpose you need.pret wear

blog accessories that every woman deserves to have bags

What woman doesn’t like a good and beautiful shoe? Even though it is a necessary and not optional accessory, talking about it is very important, since we are concerned and we often have doubts about which to choose.

It all depends on your clothes. A more casual outfit may fit much better with a sneaker or low sandal, as well as with more formal clothes or just more elaborate for some party, a high heel sandal will be much more sophisticated when putting together the look.

When choosing the perfect shoe, take into account your tastes too, as we always say. Considering who you are and what you believe in is very important when getting dressed somewhere. Use your personality and belief to assemble your set of clothes and accessories.

blog accessories that every woman deserves to have shoes

Scarf or scarf
“But winter is not the whole year.” And who said they are only for the winter? I understand the scarf, no one can keep something wrapped around their necks in the middle of summer. But don’t underestimate the power of the scarf in a good look. Scarves look great on the head or neck and can give a UP in the final look.

Scarves, even exclusive to winter, also make all the difference in the desired end result. A jacket without a scarf always seems to be missing something. Besides serving very well to warm up the neck and make everything more charming!

blog accessories that every woman deserves to have scarfs

How to know how to measure church rules and accessories?
Some accessories are prohibited in some churches and we are aware of that! But we also understand that some churches do not see problems, the purpose is for us women to dress with discretion and beauty for the work of God.

This point varies greatly from church to church, there are churches that prohibit the use of accessories, others that do not see a problem and others that are in the middle of them. As mentioned above in the post, we need to remember the verse in 1Pedro, where we should always focus on our inner beauty. The external is just one more.

Following church rules doesn’t mean you can’t have your own style! With or without accessories, you must be who you are and not abolish the rules, but follow them with personality.

Find sets of clothes that match your style and add scarves, scarves, bags and shoes your way. Always remembering the description that the bible brings us and that the important thing is to always be seen by the heart turned to God.

It is clear that beauty does not come from accessories and that we need to be careful with vanity. But for everything we use and own, we need it, right? The important thing is not to let these things take the place of God and prevent us from taking His glory to people.

blog accessories that every woman deserves to have examples

A doubt that always remains among women is the time to choose the bag for the look. We choose the perfect combination of clothes and shoes and, sometimes, we forget to include the bag in this planning and ended up taking the same bag as always.

Many stylists say that the handbag chosen in the look gives you the final result of your style. Do you believe that too? We do! Both the most colorful and extravagant handbags and neutral handbags influence the chosen style, either to neutralize the look and just be part of the colors of the clothes or to complement the combinations made.

Therefore, we have separated some models of bags to talk with what style of clothing these models combine most. Check out!

Structured Scholarship
This model is one of the most used today. The material is hard and has a small handle to carry in your hand. Great for work or day to day. There are many

models, sizes and colors. Allowing different combinations with different clothes.

More discreet models, medium and large, look beautiful with knee skirts and heels. With clothes of more discreet colors so as not to get too much with the big bag.

Models more stripped down, with dark and daring colors, combine with more retro clothes, skirts both casual and more formal and very feminine dresses.

blog accessories that every woman deserves to have structured scholarships

Satchel bag or executive briefcase
Usually in dark colors, like black, brown or gray, satchel bags are more social and usually have a short strap to wear on the shoulder or hand.

Perfect model for anything that is work related. The classic and discreet looks are perfect for this type of bag, making the look even more beautiful and social.

blog accessories that every woman deserves to have a satchel bag

Half moon bag
The name says everything about the model. The bag with this style looks like a half moon, thin at the ends and larger in the middle.

It’s great for when you need to carry a lot of things inside. It goes well with very casual clothes.

blog accessories that every woman deserves to have half moon bags

Shopper bag or tote
For purchases or tours, when in doubt, this bag can meet your need! Big enough to fit everything you need and more, the shopper is perfect for relaxed looks, sports and even the beach. Great for all kinds of informal events

blog accessories that every woman deserves to have scarves shooper bags

Chest bag
One of the most different, the chest bag is a retro classic, straight from the 60s. Used for all types of people, carried by hand or shoulder strap. It combines with basic or classic and more romantic pieces or not.

blog accessories that every woman deserves to have a bag

Perfect model to have your hands free on a walk or when you need to carry a lot. As you all know, it is a super casual model, beautiful for the various informal moments.

blog accessories that every woman deserves to have a backpack

This model, with or without a strap, can be used for more formal or casual parties, both during the day and at night. Efficient for loading papers, documents, etc. Few objects fit in them, the looks are varied and depends a lot on the style of the bag.