Dedicated hosting of The email shop

if we can give you our opinion and especially some advice regarding the WordPress hosting of The email shop: avoid it! Instead, opt for The World hosting from PlanetHoster or WordPress hosting from Hostinger

You will have access to much better service, and much better performance.

Who is this plan for: as the name suggests, this type of hosting will allow you to host a WordPress site . This is the sole purpose of this type of offer. If you want to use another CMS, you should instead favor the shared offer.

Like the WordPress plan, the PrestaShop hosting offered by The email shop only exists in one version.

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The single price is € 4.00 / month, which can make the whole attractive. Yes but here it is… not much follows. Indeed, we were able to observe more than disappointing performances, which will clearly not allow you to set up a substantial online store.

At worst, you can always rely on the offered 30-day free trial (we’ll get to that a bit further down in our The email shop review). It’s absolutely non-binding, which will save you the slightest disappointment.

That being said, know that with this PrestaShop offer, you will have access to:

10 GB of disk space

A free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate

A free domain name

1 vCPU and 512MB RAM

Who is this plan for: The email shop’s PrestaShop hosting will allow you to set up an online store via this CMS. However, do not expect to be able to host a large online store there as the performance is rather limited for our taste.

VPS hosting

Do you want to buy VPS hosting in order to build your own Minecraft server ? This can actually be possible with this type of accommodation.

But avoid doing it at The email shop. Indeed, once again you will tell us, we are disappointed with the performance and technical characteristics of these offers.

VPS The email shop hosting

VPS hosting by The email shop © Presse-citron

In total, we were able to identify four distinct offers that will meet various and varied needs (development, WordPress, e-Commerce, file server, etc.).

Do not hesitate to make your own opinion by simulating a VPS order from The email shop.

Who is this plan for: The email shop’s VPS hosting will allow you to have some flexibility in terms of technical characteristics. You can change the configuration of your hosting at any time. This plan is therefore intended for those with needs that may change in the near future.

Dedicated server

The last type of hosting we want to present to you in this part of our The email shop review is the dedicated server.

Without great surprise, the host offers such an offer, all in a very large number of variations. No less than 5 different solutions are made available by The email shop.

And it is even possible to configure a customized solution.

The email shop dedicated server

Note that the entry price to obtain a dedicated server at The email shop is € 40.00 / month . The most advanced offer is offered for € 245.00 per month. Which places the host in the average as regards the prices of its dedicated accommodation.

On the performance side we will not be able to comment because we have not had the opportunity to test this type of accommodation in detail.

Who is this plan for: our opinion on the use of a dedicated server at The email shop is that it is particularly aimed at companies and therefore web agencies who wish to have a certain autonomy. Here you will not depend on any other client and will have access to server resources just for you.