The Generation of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers


If you have played FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers, then you might have found yourself wonderinghow in Norvrandt did they create this?
It is the largest expansion into the game however, full of new locations, new conflicts, new races, new music and among the most acclaimed tales from the last FANTASY series thus far. You can now learn how it came to be.
Within our movie documentary series – The Generation of ffxiv world status: Shadowbringers – the programmers take you behind the scenes. Within the course of six episodes, they speak about each and every part of the sport, from the sound and story, to the critters and battle style.
It is a fun look behind the scenes and also a must watch for any lover:
Episode One: Telling a Story
The very first episode of this series examines the unbelievable story of Shadowbringers.
The growth is packed filled with richly detailed lore and also an acclaimed story – but how did it come together? Learn from the founders themselves, such as:


FFXIV world status
The area of Norvrandt supplies the primary setting for Shadowbringers. It is a large, varied place, packed with unforgettable sights unlike anything else in the sequence.
The next installment looks at the way the designers and artists approached the creation of the new world, and includes interviews with:


Episode Three: Shaping the Designs
Matters get stylish in Episode Three, using a look in the invention of this Hrothgar and Viera races, layouts for the equipment and the way the team approached crucial personality redesigns such as Y’shtola and Urianger.
It’s interviews with some of the top artistic ability in the sport, for example:

Episode Four: Creating the Monsters
What will a ffxiv data center split game be with no menagerie of menacing creatures? Shadowbringers features a few of the most visually gorgeous enemies from the show thus far – especially directors such as Titania and the Voidwalker.
Episode Four delves deep into the design of those animals, with the Assistance of:

Yusuke Mogi (Lead Character Concept Artist)
Episode Five: Spawning the Sounds
If you are a lover of this Shadowbringers soundtrack (also to tell the truth, who is not?) then Episode Five will be music to your ears.
It targets each element of their audio design, with opinions from:
Masayoshi Soken (Sound Director and Composer)
Move Kinuya (Sound Designer)
Episode Six: Building the Battles
Ever thought about how to design a battle experience in an RPG? That is among the topics discussed in Episode Six.
The group speaks about how to maintain battle intriguing on repeated playthroughs, designing crucial conflicts, for example, NieR raid collection, and also the way to create Ultimate problem… ultimate.
The devs also go over the Trust System, which allows NPCs connect you into dungeons to help out in conflict. The episode features interviews with:
Masaki Nakagawa (Lead Fight Content Designer)
Tsuyoshi Yokozawa (Lead Battle System Designer)
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