Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida for a more intimate interview session.

Aside from Square’s public presentation, which was open to both the media types and lovers at this year’s PAX Prime, we were able to sit down with Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida for a more intimate interview session.
Join us following the cut as we talk about classes, consoles, jobs vs. PCs, and a boatload of additional Eorzean tidbits.
As with the general public session, Yoshida started with a couple of prepared statements that concentrated on Square’s appreciation for its loyal fans and its continued acknowledgment of their missteps with both version 1.0 and version 2.0’s launch problems. Yoshida explained that Square didn’t expect how large the need would be to get A Realm Reborn, due partially to the previous version’s issues and since a complete reboot hasn’t been done in the MMO space earlier.

FFXIV Data Center Split
Nevertheless, he said that by this Wednesday, the game ought to be encouraging everybody who wants to play it.
Then he detailed the game’s three columns, which consist of fantastic graphics, a wonderful story, and great gameplay, before clearing up a little bit of misconception about players being permitted to post gameplay into YouTube. Square had originally frowned on players displaying gameplay footage, however, the firm”has now taken that back.”
PAX Prime – ffxiv data centres Yoshida on fixing trust, expanding functionality, and moreFor the interview proper, we began by asking Yoshida whether the quest tracking that was eliminated in beta will probably be reappearing at some point. Initially the feature was added to beta because of a bug and subsequently removed while the bug was fixed. Nevertheless, the dev team is quite aware that lots of players loved the feature, and Yoshida was in talks with the UI group to”hopefully have that coming soon.” Yoshida downplayed the probability of getting cameos or”miniature tidbits” particular to specific jobs or sections of the game world. He also mentioned plans for placing Gilgamesh in the story, but instead of having him look in an isolated quest, the team would favor introducing him in a pursuit line or over multiple patches so as to broaden the encounter.
He stated that any appearances or nods to other Final Fantasy titles will be accomplished with the lovers in mind. The dev team will not have Yuna look in Eorzea, ” he explained with a laugh, since everything in ffxiv data center split should make sense for that particular world.
We then asked Yoshida if other classes are going to have access to multiple jobs, much as Arcanists can dabble in Summoner skills. He explained that we’ll likely see more of this in the future. There’ll probably be existing classes made able to branch off into other jobs, and he does consider it highly important to have variety and lots of flexibility in the game’s class system. Also under consideration is the potential for combining two tasks to create a thirdparty, for example White and Black Mages mixing to create a Red Mage.
He also laughed and said that there’s a”high potential” of new occupations debuting prior to future expansions.
PAX Prime – ffxiv world status Yoshida on rebuilding trust, expanding performance, and moreNext up was a question about server transfers, and Yoshida said that they will be accessible within two to three weeks. Fundamentally the dailies will be utilized to expand on the story behind the monster tribes in the world. The quests will describe motivation, lifestyle, and several other factors related to what certain groups do in Eorzea. And of course there’ll be item rewards which aren’t available elsewhere.