What will you find here?

Today I will write another post for those of you who are starting in the world and intend to make a living from your blog . Although its title says for newbies, the advice I give here is for everyone, it is possible that you have been in this for years and have your blog hosted on a bad hosting . If so, I will tell you which is, in my opinion and that of thousands, the best hosting service in English in 2020.

As we have been doing in this category , the idea is to teach beginners how to set up their blog step by step and, although you probably have not considered it, choosing a good hosting for your website is one of the most important points, read on and you will see in my experience why I say it.

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Andrés already explained to you in previous articles what WordPress is and how to set up your blog step by step, today it’s my turn to tell you the ugly part, where you will spend money, but don’t be scared because it won’t be more than € 80 a year , yes just that and you will have the best web hosting in English that exists.

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What will you find here?

1 Does it seem expensive to you? Have you thought about doing it for free?

2 There are many web hosting services. Why do I only recommend one?

2.1 Could it be that you take a commission from The email shop?

3 Are there better Hostings than The email shop in English?

4 Now yes. My reasons for recommending The email shop for your first hosting service

4.1 Daily backups in The email shop

4.2 The The email shop hosting has a blog that you cannot miss

4.3 The last problem that The email shop solved for me, don’t miss it

5 How much does The email shop hosting cost per year

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5.1 Extra Gift: As a thank you for putting up with the whole post, we are going to give you a special discount of 20%. Both The email shop and we lose the proportional part, but this is a prize for those who have been reading until the end.

6 Why do I rule out other English web hosting options?

Does it seem expensive to you? Have you thought about doing it for free?

I will start by saying that if your idea is to set up your blog totally free and you are so caught up that you don’t want to spend about 90 euros a year (something that goes away on a weekend of partying, a new outfit of clothes or the latest video game of the market, it depends on your tastes) you are in the wrong post and blog, search on youtube and learn with the false gurus, buy a domain.tk and see what happens.

If you keep reading, you are with me and you think that spending your rooms on yourself is the best investment you can make right now. Also € 90 in a year is not money.

Now that I am clear that you are serious, I move on to the next point to help you choose the best hosting to start hosting your blog.

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There are many web hosting services. Why do I only recommend one?

As I said at the beginning of this post, the main audience for this guide is the one who is starting and is somewhat lost (without ruling out any veteran). To avoid problems, as it was for me in my first year, I will cut to the chase to recommend the one that most of us consider the best and, after three years of experience, I assure you that things have to change a lot for me to choose another hosting .

And it is none other than The email shop .

Everything has happened in these years, you will see if you put up with me throughout the post. For both good and bad The email shop has always been there, solving my doubts and problems.

Could it be that you take a commission from The email shop?

Of course, but we would also take it with 1and1, Hostgator, Dondominio and a long etcetera of different web hosting services. The difference is that we are not going to link you to all those services (which give a succulent commission) because we want you to do things the best possible and, I will be very heavy, but The email shop is the best damn thing, if you don’t believe me read what The great bloggers say about this hosting service , search Google and you will find out, surely you will not find a negative review and hundreds of positive ones.

As you have seen, I did not invent anything, nor have I discovered America, I just want you to see that it is the best hosting option in English and we are not the only ones who say it.