Cloud Hosting Pros

Cloud Hosting is one of the most reliable hosting services. In cloud hosting service, the company from which you receive hosting service provides you a server cluster. Thanks to this set, your files are copied across multiple servers. In this way, your site will not be affected by the errors that will occur on the server. If one of the servers fails or the server is inaccessible, another server steps in and your site does not have any downtime problems. This situation is also very important in terms of SEO (search engine optimization) .

Cloud Hosting Pros

# You will experience almost zero downtime ( website downtime ).

# Your site is not affected by server-based problems.

# In the cloud service, the amount of resources suitable for the demand is set and a cost is created accordingly.

# It has more scalability than VPS Hosting.

Cloud Hosting Cons

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# Root access is not always provided.

Radio Hosting

Radio Hosting is a type of hosting that allows you to broadcast radio online by shell companies. It is especially used on chat sites to listen to music during chat. I will not go into much detail about radio hosting service.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting service is a service created to facilitate the work of people who make or will make a site with wordpress. You can purchase this hosting service from most hosting companies. WordPress hosting provides one-click installation of wordpress , as well as help and convenience with wordpress plugins and themes. They also enable wordpress sites to work more efficiently. This type of hosting is low cost because it is usually provided with shared hosting services. WordPress hosting service is provided on linux servers.

WordPress Hosting Pros

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# Provides security measures and performance difference built for WordPress sites.

# It is easy to use, suitable for beginners.

# It provides convenience for installing themes and plugins.

# Low cost.

# Generally, there are people experienced in WordPress in the technical support team of the companies that sell this hosting service.

WordPress Hosting Cons

# Recommended for WordPress sites only. If you have more than one site and not all of these sites are wordpress, it is not recommended to be preferred.

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Dedicated Hosting

We can define Dedicated Hosting as your own tangible server that you will use specifically for the needs of your project. Dedicated hosting provides the utmost flexibility. We can say that dedicated hosting is not buying space from a shared server, but a direct server. In this way, you can install the operating system you want on your server, install the software you want and configure it as you wish. This hosting, which serves completely for your needs, is of course high cost.

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Dedicated Hosting Pros

# You have full control over the server configuration.

# Since you will not share your server resources with anyone else, you will have high reliability.

# You can provide root access to your server.

Dedicated Hosting Pros

# Dedicated server management requires high knowledge.

# High cost.

Now you know what to consider when choosing hosting. I hope you have some idea to buy your own hosting service with the information I wrote. There are many hosting companies in the market . Many companies also have many price tariffs. When purchasing hosting, the reliability and quality of the service providers should be taken into consideration rather than the price. The saying that the stew of cheap meat will be flat is valid in this situation. As someone who has been in this business for years, I will recommend a few companies to you. At least I would like to share with you the companies I work with in order to help you make the right choice.