Access to technology and innovation

Backup as a service (BaaS) is a remote backup service in the cloud (cloud) that aligns business needs with IT resources.
Control and transparency
Reduced cost and times
Global scalability as a business thanks to the Internet

Access to technology and innovation

With the rise of cyberattacks and innovative designs by cybercriminals, data vulnerability is a risk that companies cannot ignore. That’s why, for all those companies looking for a smarter and more efficient way to protect their data, Backup as a service is the comprehensive hybrid backup and recovery solution they need.

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Backup integration with the cloud enables data backup from any source and data recovery to any destination and system .

In addition, one of the great advantages is that it has no entry cost , since the investment in IT becomes an expense. You only pay per use .

From SOFECOM we are managing a Backup as a service solution to offer, in the very near future, to our clients a smarter way to protect their data.

We are talking about a smart way to backup, why? These are the benefits of the solution we offer:

Backup solution customization : The backup service is adapted to the specific needs of each business. Each company will be able to choose from the Backup options offered, whether on tape or disk, a duplication of data or encryption for greater and better security.
Month-to-month pay per use : a simple process with affordable prices.
Control and protection of the virtual data environment: this service offers an exhaustive and personalized report of the capacities.
24/7: The technicians will be at your entire disposal.
Available Worldwide – We offer unlimited power and storage with a global presence.
Flexible infrastructure: you can start with the minimum possible, with the possibility of growing or decreasing in the future. In addition, the payment is also made based on growth.
Up-to-date technology: the latest technology is always available in the cloud.
They lack the benefit of cost savings that pay per use produces, companies are encouraged to install servers that most of the time are like a suit that is too large and will be old in no time. This is happening right now with public institutions that are wasting public money with “iron” that is, servers and equipment that perform exactly the same functions as Cloud solutions that are much more efficient, economical and that are paid for consumption.

Pay per use came to stay

There is no going back. Whoever tries the pay-per-use model provided by the Cloud, no longer wants to hear about old models for purchasing hardware or licenses. In this world, rent beats property.

Let’s look at the greats of computer science, they are all orienting their sales model in this sense. I know first-hand what is happening at Microsoft, IBM or Oracle. The commitment to the Cloud is final.

In transition to a combined model.
Everything will be in the Cloud and will be paid for use. In the end this model will prevail.

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The way the face-to-face sale is carried out will change and there will be no hardware installations at customer premises. Having a data center in a City Council is outrageous and a huge waste. The software salesperson will have to know in depth the existing Cloud solutions and will have more a didactic and organizational task than a man in a suit using a Powerpoint. Let’s remember that if the applications are really Cloud, they are on the Internet and the clients themselves can start using them in minutes.