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Why avoid artificial substances and green alternatives

For a woman, the search for the perfect fragrance is an important issue. The notes that are olfactory numerous: floral, woody, fruity, marine, powdery … it’s not simple to pick the one that suits you, particularly because these complement the scent associated with the skin, and so the result is significantly diffent from person to person.

I do not go into the merits of fragrances in this charizma online post is to pay attention to the chemical compositions because they are very personal tastes; what I would like to tell you. Synthetic raw materials have a definitely less expensive than normal ones, allow a wider choice, but having said that they’ve been accountable for regular irritations and allergies. It really is true that it is a risk that can be run with crucial oils, but in addition virtually all perfumes that are synthetic phthalates , bonanza online petroleum derivatives considered endocrine disruptors. And not only that: research conducted in Canada on the perfumes of the most famous brands has shown that they contained various toxic substances, like BHT, a preservative we have talked about often, with harmful effects on the thyroid and carcinogenic potential. Clearly all appropriate.

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As well as the imitations of famous perfumes : who has never seen one in the marketplace stalls, with an apparently equal scent, but with an price that is attractive? I give you some advice: better alone leave it. They are more dangerous it is often impossible to know exactly what they contain because nothing easier is that labels are also counterfeited because they are of dubious origin, made in places where basic hygiene and health conditions are lacking, and moreover.

Simply speaking, in the event that you really can’t offer the perfume up, at least you don’t run unnecessary health risks. As for every product, there are also alternatives that are natural the substances are extracted from flowers, grown without fertilizers or chemical pesticides, don’t contain artificial components or derived from petroleum or dyes, and are non-toxic (be careful, needless to say, if you should be allergic to something in specific).

Here are the eco-perfumes for you, new products just launched, artisan products or large retailers, but all strictly natural that I have tested.

NATURAL ALCHEMY – Nirvana (€ 40.00 / 30 ml)

Its an artisan company in the Modena Apennines, which cultivates and collects medicinal plants which it uses for his or her eco-bio cosmetics, herbal preparations and food; cosmetic makeup products depend on similar meals components, with concentrated ingredients and natural materials at km 0.
Their perfumes are based exclusively on bio food alcohol and essential oils from organic farming; into the catalog you will find 12 different fragrances.
It has powdery that is mixed citrus notes that evoke distant countries and calm. The freshly sprayed perfume is very intense and lasts for a hours that are few. Compared to other naturals, its pleasantly persistent.

BIOTEKO – Zuma (€ 19.00 / 50 ml)

Another artisan brand that I have just discovered, which produces cosmetics influenced by herbal medicine, according to 100% natural ingredients and certified organic by AIAB.
They’ve a tremendously big area dedicated to nishat linen online perfumes, particular because they recall the notes of famous ones; nothing to do with the imitations I mentioned before, they simply belong to the same olfactory family (in the case of the perfume I tried, spicy oriental) and one perfume recalls the other. These, however, are different because they are made only with organic alcohol made from wheat and essential oils, consequently normal and safe!
It is a really perfume that is good, despite its naturalness, as soon as you put it on you until the evening. It is extremely “sensual” and sweet.

FITOCOSE – Woody Man “The fragrance for the woodland” (€ 7.70 / 50 ml)

This instead is a product with male scent, in order to please men too. I specify however compared to this brand name there are also changhong ruba led other scented waters, such as for example that with white musk, green tea or lavender, which similar to this perfume have only water and crucial oils, no alcohol; therefore they are able to also be utilized by painful and sensitive skin or in summer time, or, as in this situation, after shaving.
I had it tried by a friend of mine, who stated: «Excellent perfume water that recalls the smell of timber. After shaving it gives a feeling of freshness; pity that the fragrance does not last long. “

GARDEN OF SENSES ECOBIO – Eco-organic perfume .We still see an item for the eco bio line of this large-scale brand. Actually two, because all their cosmetics are available in two versions, oats and goji berries; perfumes are also natural and do not contain synthetic substances, but only alcohol and oils that are essential. Bio certified by ICEA.
We attempted them both: the oatmeal scent has sweet and warm notes almost powdery, it persists hrs unlike other products and with the passage through of the hours it improves, becoming less intrusive.
The one with goji berry notes has got the same characteristics as the previous one but has a fresher and fruity fragrance.

MILK AND MOON – Solid perfume (€ 9.90 / 30 ml)

Nevertheless an brand that is artisan of I have tried several products that have always pleasantly surprised me. They have sobia nazir created particular solid perfumes, in a completely recyclable glass jar, based solely on waxes and sebum: therefore they cannot harm your skin and may be reproduced anywhere, even yet in summer; they have been for sale in 5 different fragrances, one of which will be specialized in men.
Creamy, really comfortable to use, they will have exemplary durability; we attempted Milkshake, with a light and scent that is sexy and Glicine age Lilà, very delicate and fresher.

MELVITA – “L’Or bio” Eau de Toilette