The last type of hosting offered is, as very often, the dedicated server.

The performance offered seems to us to be too limited for us to recommend this type of accommodation.

And in addition, it is difficult to digest the fact that you have to pay for additional options such as SiteLock (which protects your hosting from possible malware) or the protection of your domain name (which allows you to hide your information. personal).

You will understand, there is really a way to find better elsewhere if you want to opt for VPS hosting

Who is this plan for: The email shop’s VPS hosting is for those with significant needs and above all who are at risk of changing. With a VPS, you can rest assured that the resources you pay for are actually allocated to your hosting only. It’s like a virtual dedicated server.

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Dedicated server

The last type of hosting offered is, as very often, the dedicated server.

We cannot give you a detailed opinion about it because we have not tested the dedicated server offered by The email shop. However, we offer you a quick analysis of what is on offer… and above all at what price!

The email shop dedicated server

Dedicated server offers © Presse-citron

As you can see in the screenshot above, dedicated hosting comes in 3 offers and is available from € 66.71 / month .

For that price, you’re going to have access to a 4-core server, 500 GB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, and 5 TB of bandwidth. Clearly this seems like a good deal from a performance / price point of view.

Especially knowing that you will have the right to a free domain name (for 1 year), as well as an SSL certificate.

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Who is this plan for: with more than substantial prices, there is no doubt that The email shop’s dedicated hosting is aimed at a professional audience. If you need good performance and full control of your hosting, then this is the deal you need to look to.

Additional Info on The email shop

In order to make our The email shop review for 2020 as complete as possible, we will still be answering a number of questions. We think, for example, of the conditions related to obtaining a free domain name, the existence or not of a free web hosting plan, or the exact location of the company’s data centers.

If you want to know the answers to these questions, we advise you to read the following lines carefully.

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You may have read it several times during this review and test from host The email shop, it is possible to get a free domain name with your web hosting.

But how exactly can this be done? What conditions apply to this offer?

To begin with, it is good to point out that once you have opted for a hosting plan, you will be asked to choose your domain name. All you have to do is enter the domain name you wish to register, and voila!

What you should know, however, is that you will only be entitled to a free domain name for 1 year . And this even if you take a 3-year hosting offer. After this first year, you will have to pay the full price for your domain name.

Disappointed? If so, then check out PlanetHoster which offers a free domain name for life.

Does The email shop offer free web hosting?

We’ll get right to the point: NO, The email shop does not offer free web hosting.

The hosts who offer such a type of offer are increasingly rare. Indeed, free hosting turns out to be very limited and not very serious. Therefore, many people will only use it to train and become familiar with the platform in question.

After a few days, the goal is of course to switch to a paid offer. At least if your goal is to create a serious website capable of making its mark on the web.

Suffice to say that the fact that no free web hosting is offered by The email shop will in no way affect our overall opinion.

Purchase of domain name

You will be able to buy and register a domain name through the The email shop site. Be sure.

But is it a good deal? Well to be completely honest with you, the web host offers pretty competitive rates.

For example, a .com domain name will cost you € 10.83 / year, while a .net extension is available at € 12.50 / year.