What is an Email Hosting?

Although it is not a subject on the suggestion of the average joe’s tongue, the fundamentals of business email hosting aren’t very intricate. Email marketing is in reality a very generic term and just suggests what service hosts your mails. Gmail, for instance, can also be regarded as hosting.
However, within the scope of this article we’re going to suppose that you are taking a look at hosting your own email accounts. This usually means that you will have complete control over your mails, from creating addresses and establishing the way they’re managed to where they’re stored.

I have the full control over email accounts in my domains — Create / delete / edit email accounts, add email forwarders and auto responders, edit MX records, etc.


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Once an email is sent to you it includes various details including your email address. Based on such an address, the mail is then delivered to a storage area that it is set up to go to. When it is there it is possible to open and read it in any time of your choice.
In case you haven’t then you will have to start looking for email hosting bundles so as to use custom domain names for your email.

A custom email address will look something like this:
Three Ways to Host Your Business Emails
1. Bundled (Email + Site ) Hosting
Bundled email hosting is when you receive email hosting which comes along with (hence the term’bundled’) your hosting account. Depending on your needs, this can turn out to be quite helpful as you won’t need to supervise your emails on a separate accounts or pay additional for email hosting.
However, bundled best email hosting for small business uk is often constrained in distance by the overall capacity of your hosting account. Most packages devote a single quantity of space that’s shared between your own email and internet hosting. Aside from space, you are also sharing the sum of bandwidth allocated to your account.
Easy to setup
Host multiple small email accounts at one cost
Restricted features and storage
Not for large enterprises
Best bundled hosting hosting service? Some examples of great bundled email hosting are the Company Hosting programs from InMotion Hosting and TMD Hosting.
Dedicated Email Hosting
Should you need email hosting to get longer accounts or are looking for improved email-related features, cheap email hosting may be the alternative for you. Dedicated email hosting does not necessarily mean that you need to have an whole mail server for your own usage, however it means that the account if concentrated on handling email only.
You’ll find a set amount of bandwidth and space for your account that is different from your hosting. Many dedicated email hosts also offer advanced features such as extra protection, automatic smartphone synchronization and so on. The drawback is that you will have to pay additional for your email as compared to a bundled program.
Easy to setup
Advance features

Host multiple small email accounts at one cost
Higher price compare to Bundled option
Best dedicated hosting service agency? Not many web hosting companies provide dedicated programs for email hosting, but for instance, clear cases of great dedicated email hosting support can be found in Hostinger and Liquid Web.
Enterprise solutions (SaaS)

You will find service providers such as Google and Microsoft who have email hosting alternatives like G Bundle and Microsoft 365 Business. These are committed email services that are easy to use and strong but have to be handled individually from your hosting even if they can use your custom domain name.
The downside of this is that the services may end up costing a reasonable bit as your staff count increases. As an example, G Suite might just cost $5.40 for a simple program, but this is the cost to pay per consumer per month.
Simple to setup
Powerful features
Host multiple small email accounts at one price


Extra administrative function
Expensive — added cost for additional email accounts.
Popular enterprise email solutions?